Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rednesday- Barbie dress

Today is Rednesday over at Sue's wonderful blog. She is also hosting a wonderful give-away so be sure to stop by and enter once you look at everyone's entries.
I am showing a Barbie dress from I think the Mexican Barbie Dolls of the World series. My uncle bought this for me when I was about 7 or 8 right when I was going into the hospital for surgery. This dress was and still is extra special to me because my uncle was sick at the time with Lou Gehrigs disease. I knew eventually he would not be with us and I always wanted to have something to remember him by. The original doll is loooong gone but I still have the dress.
I keep the dress usually in the drawer with my scarves because I know that is the one drawer no little hands will roam around in.
The sash and black detail on the skirt is velvet and stitched with gold thread.
The bodice and poof sleeves are pleated.
I think it is so beautiful. It means so much to me.
I have never let my daughters play with this dress. I was a HUGE Barbie fanatic. I even subscribed to the Barbie Magazine.
Neither one of my girls took a big intrest in Barbie. My youngest one did find a Carnival Barbie from I think the Brazilian collection. They were produced in limited quantities so it was hard to find. Finally on eBay I found it. It was pricey but I bought it for her. I thought it would spark her love of Barbie. No. It didn't. That collector edition Barbie is in the bottom of her toy box, papers lost, stand thrown away and her beautiful soft hair is all matted and tangled. She does love her Bratz.
Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you enjoyed my dress. I can't wait to see what everyone else is showing today! Don't forget to stop by Sue's blog and enter her beautiful giveaway!


Robin Ennis Willson

How beautiful! What a lovely story. I really loved Barbie too. In our area they had a deal where you could trade in an old Barbie and get a new one for a dollar. I did that once. I also had Midge and loved her too. Great memories!


What a very special Barbie dress. We too lost a family member to Lou Gehrigs disease. My heart goes out to you. It's wonderful that you still have a special gift from your uncle.


What a wonderful story, and a lovely dress! I loved playing with my Barbies, and actually still have quite a few of them. My Mom made alot of clothes for the dolls, and those are very special to me. It's so nice that you treasure that gift that your uncle gave you.
Happy Rednesday!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door

Hi April,
Oh, what a darling little dress! Very pretty! A real trresaure. Thank you for sharing and Happy REDnesday.



Beautiful red Barbie dress!

Cass @ That Old House

I love your Barbie dress, and its story. Keep it away from those little hands! it's a treasure. I am so old that I had one of the "original" Barbie dolls, with the ponytail and crazy blue eyeshadow. Still have her, in fact. She was one of my favorites!


What a wonderful memory! I'm glad you still have it. You should keep your eyes open for the doll that goes with it, then put it under one of those display domes.

You should also drag out your daughter's Barbie, comb the hair out (yes, I know it takes forever, I've done it!), and save it for her when she grows up!

I was the biggest tomboy when I was a kid, but love vintage dolls now.


What a sweet memory of your uncle, April...I can see why it would be special to you. The dress is beautiful anyway, but as a memory of someone that loved you so much to give you a special gift is truly the gift in itself.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Mrs Twins

Hi there!
I remember playing with Barbie dolls. Great fun. Do you remember Tressey dolls? Pushed a button in the tummy and the hair grew! Childhood, how lovely.
Great post
Hugs and Love Suex

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