Thursday, December 3, 2009

Show and Tell Friday - Eddie Ross Pillow

Today Cindy is hosting Show and Tell Friday. This is always a favorite of mine. I haven't been able to participate the past few weeks, too much going on at home, but I couldn't pass up posting today! I am showing the beautiful pillow I won from Eddie Ross' give-away. Imagine my suprise when I clicked on Cindy's blog and saw his picture there!
I entered the give-away on a whim..never expecting to win. When I checked my email and saw the title "Congratulations" from the sender "Eddie Ross" I nearly died! I did start crying! This pillow is truly the most beautiful things I have ever seen....and definately one of the most beautiful items I own.

The pillow was handmade from a vintage dress Eddie found at a NYC flea market. It was for a story in Country Home about turning vintage dresses into throw pillows. The pillow also appears in the online magazine Lonny on Eddie's guest bed!
The beading and detail is just amazing!
The pillow is such a soft, almost dusty lavender. This is EXACTLY the color I want to use in my comforter. I have been looking and looking but still haven't found it. I was an almost cream color comforter, plush and soft, with this color accented flowers in tucks. Haven't found it yet.. I am thinking about hitting some fabric stores or something to try to find it.
I LOVE this pillow! NO ONE is allowed to touch it!
Eventually, this pillow will live on my bed. But.. I need that comforter. Ok, I want that comforter. So, for now it lives on my chest of drawers. I think this shade of lavender compliments my bedroom wall color nicely.
This is my first time uploading a video to blogger, so I don't know if it will work. If it does, it's just a better look at my beautiful pillow. That's my youngest in the background talking away.
I hope you enjoyed my pillow pictures. Don't forget to stop by Cindy's beautiful blog for more wonderful show and tell postings. I love coming home on Friday's, making a cup of coffee and looking at each and every show and tell link!


Sweet Bee Cottage

Wow! You are lucky! What a prize! This pillow is very pretty and I hope you can find the fabric you want soon!

Jeanne Selep

What a cool idea for recycling (reusing) some of those old glittering dresses.

Mrs Twins

Wow! This is so beautiful. I am sure you will really treasure it. REally really lovely, take good care of it.
Enjoying your blog.
Hugs and Love Suex

Hootin' Anni

Wow....what else can I say!!!!

Come see what I did with my blue cobalt glass candle holder I found at the antique store...



So glad you like you like the pillow! It looks great in you home!


Congratulations on winning the fabulous pillow !


WHAT an absolutley gorgeous and thoughtful gift to get and from such a great guy! I LOVe it!

Lamp Tramp

What a gorgeous pillow! Love it and you are very lucky to have received it!

Pat & Ron Harris

The pillow is beautiful, lucky you winning it!! I'm going to be on the lookout for some vintage dresses now. Thank you for stopping by junkblossoms! I'm so glad you got your sisters mirror before she sold it to someone else. Mine is in the entry area. I love it. Haven't found anything as neat as this lately at the outlet store. Please come back and visit some more!


hi April, I'm back! I'm sure I may have moved the birdhouse or something to get to other stuff. There is another HUGE part in the back that is so full you can't get to it right now. When the weather is nicer, he clears a path back to it.


Oh, how exciting that you won this amazingly beautiful pillow! A perfect Show and Tell :)

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