Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red Rooster Antiques (Part 2)

I am so enjoying this day off. I left work yesterday at 9:45 a.m. to begin my FIRST vacation of the year...seriously! So I tried to beat some of the last minute grocery shoppers and spent two hours fighting my through the aisles. Nevertheless, I found some dark chocolate K-cups for my Keurig...delicious I might add... and I added some Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer and my goodnes... HEAVEN!

This morning I got up and made a HUGE breakfast for Emil and the girls. Now Emils at work...last minute rush jobs. You should see some of these jewelry pieces he has been working on. Last week he had...get ready for this.... a 48 caret tennis bracelet. It had 24 2-caret diamonds and it was set in platinum. Who wears things like that? I would be terrified to wear it! Someone could bop me on the head, take the bracelet and buy themselves a house and a car and maybe even some furniture! Ha!

Now, on with more of my Red Rooster Antique pictures.... Part 2!

I love pinecones. I try to hide them through out my floral arrangements and in the mantle arrangement. I saw these cute pinecones on display there. The tips look like they were dipped in glue and the dusted with green glitter. I think these are great for holiday displays and you can make them to suit the colors of your house. And, I think it would be a great craft idea for children to match the colors of their rooms or the tree in their room. You could then tie a cute ribbon to hang from the top and now it's a pretty ornament. These cute sparkly and glittery ornaments were displayed in a black plant stand. I loved the way it looked. I couldn't resist not taking a picture.
I absolutely fell in love with the distressed look of this cupboard. I can just picture it in an old farmhouse. I am sure if this cupboard could talk it would have many, many stories to tell. You can click on the photos to enlarge them and see the goodies placed inside!
This beautiful white chair held a white porcelian hand which held beautiful white and blue delft buttons and pendants. I wish I would have bought some.. they were all around $2 each!
This display was on an old vanity dresser. I loved the small red tinsel tree. The green tree and green ornaments just add to the vintage look. I loved the way this was displayed and just HAD to take a picture!
This lamp was beautiful. Sierra lived it. It has such charm!
Old perfume bottles and a small pink tinsel tree. Again, everything was beautifully displayed.
Am I the only one in love with this pink cabinet? I tried to get more pictures of the beautiful dishes on display but my camera decided to "error" them. Just click on the photo to enlarge it. You won't be disappointed. I think it would also look wonderful in a little girls room holding her dolls, nutcrackers, necklaces and books. Now I think I want it for Lena's room.
Now this section had the most unusual items. There were lots of these "rides" that must have come from McDonalds.. There was also a life-size Ronald McDonald in the corner. I didn't get a picture of him.. he was scary. On the shelf behind this ride was some old moving blankets and a beautiful chandelier. Click and enlarge and you'll see it. There was also some old rusty signs and old, vintage couches. I wished I would have gotten a picture of those.
I think besides that beautiful china cabinet in part one, this was my favorite thing in the store. It's a ceiling. The blue was just amazing. And the gold was so rich and luxurious. It is truly just amazing! I didn't get to see the price on it, as it was behind so many things, but I would just LOVE to have this in a room in my house!
I wanted to get a better picture of this red tree but it was about 12 feet tall and I couldn't get the whole thing. It was beautiful though.
This area had lots of old cookbooks and other neat displays. The cook book Sierra's hand is on was from some island (Rum's Point) and it included recipes on how to cook turtle! Seriously.. gross!
Another beautiful display area. The cabinet behind her had an old doll thingy and a beautiful old beaded dress. I thought of all the neat things I've seen on blogger with old birdcages like the one behind CC. I just don't have the talent or the time to create a beautiful birdcage creation.

A wall of old skeleton keys and lots of other iron pieces. Pretty neat...
This dollhouse was absolutely wonderful. The only problem, the back open area was facing the back of an old dresser so you can't see how wonderful it was inside. And it was impossible to get a photo of it. Each room was a different wall paper. I can just imagine the joy this brought to the children who played with it and the many "families" that lived there.
Me... taken by CC.
We found this wonderful distressed mirror. I wanted to take a neat reflection photo...didn't quite work out.
So we tried again.... you can see the camera... Sierra looks like she's growing out of my shoulder.. but we sure had fun!
I will try to post my last set of photos in a couple of days. They are some photos taken around the town square...and a scary story. Really!
I am going to enjoy the rest of my day off with my girls.. I might not post for a couple of days.. but I hope you all have a wonderful extended weekend!


Mrs Twins

Hi April,
Just stopping by to say hi. I'm trying to say hi to all my Followers. I don't always have time but today I have!
I just love these pine cones. Every year I decorate pine cones for my Dad and Grandmother. on Christmas Morning I go to the crem and lay them there with our christmas blessings.
This year I decorated in green glitter with purple sparkly Christmas garland.
I do hope you had a nice time over Christmas and all the very best for 2010!
Hugs and Love



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