Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Rooster Antiques (Part 1)

This Sunday Sierra and I decided to take a trip to New Braunfels to visit our favorite antique store... Red Rooster Antiques... for a girls-only trip. We love, love, love this store. They have so many neat and interesting things to look at!
You can look over the same display a few times and see something new each time! We love it! And everything is affordable...a HUGE plus! You can walk in there, look around, and find something for everyone in your family! And they have a super decilious restaurant inside as well that is also.... very affordable! Did I mention we LOVE this place?
Before each outting Sierra and I like to take a quick snap-shot of ourselves to document our little adventure! And this one was SUPER quick because the truck parked beside us was full of people getting out. HA!
So into the store we go! Sierra loved this vanity. I did too....
A close up of the display on the vanity. I was going to buy that vintage ashtray for my mother-in-law. I completely forgot about it until just now as I uploaded these photos! The price... $5.00!
Oh man... this chandelier... beautiful! Gorgeous! Brilliant! I wish I had a place to put it!
I love this blue. There are sooooo many displays like this through-out the store. Seriously.. it would take HOURS to look at each piece!
Another close up. Look at the beautiful blue on that charger! The antique perfume bottles and the vintage bag.. beautiful!
Even old flatware are beautifully displayed! Such a neat idea!
Sierra fell in love with this lamp. It's a mannequin leg in a fish-net hose, placed in a pair of black pumps, turned into a lamp. How original!
For some reason my flash was not working in the first picture.. here's a close-up. Are you not loving that red velvet stool?
I fell in love with this antique china cabinet. I wished more than anything I could have brought it home. First of all I don't have room for it ... second of all I don't have the $850 for it. But man, I think that's a good deal! It's beautiful, no damage, original hardware. Why can't it be mine?
**sniff sniff** I really, really, really want it!
Ok.. this chandelier was at least nine feet tall! Where in the world did it come from? It did have some pieces of crystal missing, some chains were loose.. but it was definately a show-stopper! And again.. of course... my flash just would not work!
Thank goodness for some natural sunlight!
IF the flash would have worked correctly you would see that the bulb-sockets were gold/brass roses buds. Too pretty!
This cute display held the sweetest tea cups with saucers, pretty plates and of course... Raggedy Ann and Andy!
I love the soft pink of the ornaments paired with the darker shades of pink garland. This would make a wonderful and whimsical decoration for a dresser or credenza. The pink floral plates were just beautiful too! Wouldn't this look pretty on that vanity I showed you earlier?

This bohemian decanter set was only.......$16.95!! Why did I not buy it? They sell on eBay for upwards of a hundred dollars!! This set was beautiful and I didn't see any damage on it! Now that I'm thinking about it, I kinda want to kick my self for not buying it! You can read about my bohemian bowl here. It was a gift given to me a few years back.
I've been wanting some simple tinsel trees for my girls rooms to keep up year round. I found this one in a corner. I guess it was for sale. I didn't ask.
This lamp was beautiful! CC loved it! It reminded me of Gone With the Wind!
Need a water fountain? Put your head in the lion!
I have many, many more pictures to show you of our trip and more inside the store. I will post more tomorrow! If I put them all in one post it would just take toooooo long!
I hope you enjoy and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for more pictures! What was your favorite item seen here so far?


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