Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lena's in the Kitchen!

Finally I have been able to sit and post some new pics. Lena had been wanting to bake cookies so we ran to Wal-Mart and bought the necessary items. I DO NOT like having chocolate chips cookies in the house...because we eat them all! And that's really bad when there are four dozen cookies here ... that's a dozen a person! TERRIBLE! Hence, we don't do it very often.

But first... I went in to check on Lena the other evening. We did a late night Sonic run. She went to her room and was just too quiet. This is what I found.
My baby with her Purple Luck and Mimi knocked out on the floor. Too precious!
So Thursday after work Lena begged me to make cookies. We are practicing her writing in cursive, so to just add a little sugar on top, she wrote on her homework, in cursive, bake cookies. How could I say no to that?

My baby LOVES to cook and bake. She loves being in the kitchen and helping! I love that she loves it!
My baby loves to pose as well!

Just look at those chubby hands! Just like her Nanny Kia and her daddy! My mom said she fell in love with those chubby fingers! I love to kiss them when she sleeps!
She can crack the eggs perfectly!
With no shells!
One more pose...
It's a fight to keep everyone out of the ready dough...
My Lena-pooh... (wearing her cute shirt from Nanny Kia and Papa Vitaly from their visit to Jerusalem)
The finished product!
They are good!
The last batch came out around 10:30 p.m. Not fun when I have to wake up at 5:30 for work...but she was so excited and that makes it soooo worth it!
Next week we are supposed to go to Lisa's house for a small Christmas dinner. I think we will make shuba. Lena loves to make shuba. It's quite a process but we love to make and it we really love to eat it. Shuba is a traditional Russian cold salad. It's made with smoked herring, shredded potatoes and carrots, eggs, onions, shredded beets and topped with mayonaise. It sounds not too good I know, and it looks like a beautiful cake when it's done. But just the thought of a purple fish salad sounds scary, but lord it's not!
Thursday night we found a red bump under her right breast. Another spider bite! By night time it grew bigger. I put benadryl on it to see if it would get better. Friday morning it looked the same pretty much, just a bit bigger. I put more benadryl on it. When I came home from work at 1 it was HUGE! HOT! and RED! I went to the doctor immediately! The P.A. said it's her first time seeing a real spider bite. She drew a line around it and said if it goes outside the line to go to the ER or back to the doctor's office. They gave her an antibiotic. I filled it, she took her first one around 7 last night. By this time she was out of the line, but she hadn't had any benadryl or antibiotics so I wanted to get that in her and see if it impoved. Now, I'm not being lax about this. I KNOW it's serious. But I also know that it is NOT a brown recluse. Because.. when she was bitten by a brown recluse a few years ago, the bite area started turning purple and black from the necrosis, the death of the tissues. I see no necrosis, so I feel better about that. HOWEVER... she just woke.. the bite area is huge! At the doctor it was measuring 3.5 x2.5. Now it's measuring 3.75 long and 3.5 wide. It's not as red but it's hard and protrudes and it just scares me. She took her second antibiotic. I'm going to give her another benadryl and if I don't see a marked improvement she's going to the ER.
Ahhhh... this is the start of my weekend. I was planning a nice weekend with the girls, but with Lena's tummy and now Emil.. the stores keep calling him for rush sizings.... the love of being a jeweler's wife during Christmas... his phone NEVER stops... it just rang again now. Rush, rush, rush jobs...! I don't like him to go to the stores alone during this time of the year. So, I drop him off in front of the store, wait for him to come out and pick him up in front, go to the shop, size the ring, shorten the bracelet or necklace, engrave whatever.... rush back to the store, pick up whatever new they sold.. ok.. here we go. They just called... we have to go now and have it back asap! Uh! Christmas is just stress for jewelers!


Mrs Twins

Hello April,
Umm! Those cookies look yummy! They'd vanish in our house too!
I've enjoyed your post very much, that spider bite sounds very nasty. Thank goodness we dont have crawlies like that here! I would really panic.
Now, First of all may I thank you for visiting my blog. I'm pleased you are enjoying my crocheting. I have to be honest with you. I'm 54 now. I was 15 when I started crocheting. My friend and I used to sit in the cookery lessons at school crocheting! While waiting for our food to cook. You may think I'm pretty good, BUT I'm not. But I intend to get better. I really only do the most basic of stitches.
If you want to learn to crochet. The best way I feel is to watch someone. Now if you don't know of anyone who can teach you. I would suggest you type in Learn To Crochet You Tube. Teresa is very good with video tutorials, and also Expert Vilage on You Tube.
You need a ball of wool and a hook. That's all.
The first thing you need to master is how to make a SLIP KNOT on your hook 'had to laugh my husband just called my hook a stick!'. Silly man. Once you have done that, you need to learn how to make a BASIC CHAIN STITCH. Knowing that, you can then progress. So take those two steps first.
You will need to know how to continue and then to turn at the end of the row.
You can then go on to Learn SINGLE CROCHET.

With just those three stitches Single, Double and Treble you can go on to make anything. Depending on what you want to make.

When I first started crocheting I made bedspreads out of hundreds of squares! Granny Squares. These are made for instance with the treble stitch. Or you could use the treble stitch to make a simple scarf.(Knowing the treble stitch can make a project grow really quickly as it's about an inch roughly in height or just under).

Take your time to learn the basic stitches. Once mastered confidently you can go on to make other things.

I'm not an expert by any means. Someone asked me the other day to make them a tea pot cozy. I had to say no because I haven't got the confidence to sell. I don't think my work is good enough. I cannot read patterns. I find crocheting patterns so difficult. Although my ripples were from a pattern, my friend had to send me a photo masterclass. I'm useless. Still after all these years I don't get on very well with them.

Anyway, I hope this will help you. You tube. Learn To Crochet. Teresa.
Or Expert Village on You Tube. She does. How to crochet for Beginners. How to make a crochet chain. That's what you want to start with.
If you watch the video over and over again, I'm positive you will get it.
It's very difficult really giving instructions on emails.
But if I can help, just shout.

Thank you so....much for your wonderful comments.
YOu have a beautiful family there April. Credit to you. I always feel honoured when we are allowed to peep into peoples lives.

Have a good Christmas holiday!
Hugs and Love Suex

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