Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today I met up with my friend from school for lunch. We both worked at Sarita's, me as a waitress and Tammy as hostess, when we were in our teens. Tammy was off this week and invited me out to lunch. We had such a good time talking and catching up. It's been so long. Our old boss was there and a couple of people we worked with are still there. It was great seeing everyone. I just can't believe I didn't even take one photo of us together!! I hope we do this more often!
When I came home from lunch my mom told me my sister was wanting to come to us for a few days. She hasn't been feeling well, so us girls loaded up and drove down to Shiner!
For my girls, the big highlight was stopping at Buc-ees. They LOVE Buc-ees...for the drinks! Lena gets her coffee (they have GOOD coffee and CC gets her Dr. Pepper with THREE shots of vanilla). We also brought home some dried venison and beef sausage for my Papa Bear.
I saw this cute sign there. I thought it was neat.

I absolutely love the drive to Shiner. It really makes me miss living down there. I know I've said it a zillion times on here but life really is simpler and slower there. And my family is there. That's the biggest draw for me. I never get to see scenes like this up here.

The rains we've had this past week have really "greened" things up. I even saw a few pops of poppy's!

We finally arrived and I let CC drive in to Stacy's house.

Stacy had some cookbooks saved for me. Mom also found an old Southern Living cookbook from 1982 for me. I love, love, love Southern Living cookbooks!

I have completely run out of room in my cookbook cabinet above the stove and the space I use on top of my bread box. I guess one day this week I will have to clean out the cabinet beside the stove to store more cookbooks.

I think I might have a little problem. Is is possible to be a cookbook hoarder?

I have also been contacted by Everest Nutrition to do a review of their Krill Oil pills. I don't usually do reviews unless I research the company and feel that it's a good match for me and anyone who might read my blog.

Some of the benefits it has is:

  • increased energy

  • reduce facial wrinkles (that had me sold right there!)

  • decreases physical and emotional effects of PMS (can I get an amen?!?!)

  • lowers the bad cholesterol and elevates the good

And many, many benefits. I can't wait to try it out!


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