Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Saturday - Goodwill Finds

I have finally gotten a moment to join in the Pink Saturday fun!!! These photos have been on my computer since February 5! I've just been too busy to sit and post.

I always see so many bloggers find such wonderful things at Goodwill. Every time I have gone I have found absolutely NOTHING!! And I would get so jealous. So, a few Saturday's ago I thought about Sherrie at A Conversation At Goodwill and all her finds and headed over to see what could be found.
Immediately my eyes found this pretty pink thing on a bottom shelf of a cart. I picked it up, looked it over and set it down. A worker there asked me if I was going to buy it. I said no, then thought it over and said you bet!
I'm not sure what it is, some type of hurricane glass the worker told me. But it's pink and iridescent and beautiful and I had to have it. And it was only $6.99!!!
I tried to capture the greens that pop up when the light hits it but I just couldn't get it to photograph.
It's exactly the same on both sides and open in the middle. I really can't imagine what in the world it is or what I will use it for other than decoration. But I knew I would find somewhere for it.
If you have any ideas, please let me know.
I also found this cute little saucer for 99 cents. I love the delicate flowers and the pretty greenish-blue.
Another pretty I knew I could find use for somewhere. I am stalking eBay for a matching cup. No luck yet!
This cute little birdie was given to me by the sweet Danish lady that does our bead work. I went by to drop off some things and saw this on her workbench. I told her it was so pretty and was admiring it. She told me it was given to her by the daughter of one of her friends from the Beading Club that passed away. She said I was welcome to take it if I wanted.
It's made of mother of pearl. I'm not sure of it's age but it appears pretty old. It does have some condition problems but my hubby is going to fix her up for me.
We are thinking about having an onyx beak made and maybe emeralds or sapphires for eyes.
The colors are so amazing. I absolutely love it!!
The cute little feet are made of metal.
So for now she sits on my mantle. As you can see I haven't taken my fall decor down yet. This photo has definitely embarrassed me enough to do that...tomorrow.
You can always join in on the Pink Saturday fun by hopping over to the wonderful Beverly's blog to see more participants!
I'm off to making Praline Apple Bread for Ms. Lassen, the bead lady. She called yesterday and said our things are ready. I took all of our loose beads over to her and she made us five necklaces and three bracelets. I can't wait to see what she created!! She told me she loves apple bread so I thought it would be a sweet surprise to send her a loaf!
After that my nose will be stuck in the books studying cytology. I have another test next Friday over 4 chapters. Good lord, wish me luck!


Enchanted Rose Studio

Happy Pinks, April! Great finds! That little saucer is to charming, as are those little darling birdies! I can't tell you what that glass was used for, but it is very pretty!

Have a lovely Pink Weekend!



Looks like you did great at Goodwill. I'm like you I get an occasional find but not often. That little birdie is my favorite though. So cute and such a sweet story. Have a great Pink Saturday.


You did great at Goodwill. I love going there myself and sharing finds on PS. Happy Pink Saturday.

Cindy Adkins

Hi April,
What darling finds! I was wondering what the pink glass was for too...I imagine that you could sit it on one end and put flowers or baubles on the other end!

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

tina, theoldfrenchdoors...

Hello April, It is lovely, not sure as to what it is but I would glue that lovely plate on the top and use it as a cupcake stand.


That's lovely - seems like there could be some wonderful things you could do with it! The little saucer is precious - love the roses!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Queen of Dreamsz

Hi April,

I always look for old cups and saucers but had to stop for a while. I've got so much stuff stacked on shelves..I seem to be going to "less is more" on the main level...forget my studio's a haven of collectibles and the lower level is my husband's woodcarving studio and my fabric storage and really can't hold a single other thing!

I love that MOP pretty. I'm hooked on vintage MOP buttons so all of it makes me happy.

Thanks so much for visiting with me.

Happy Pink!
Stephanie ♥


Oh! That saucer is gorgeous!! I don't know what your glass thingamabob is either, I was hoping someone told you here. The bird is a treasure too. I hope you'll show her off when she gets her new eyes!


April, thanks so much for your sweet comment! Loving that bird ahhhh!

Tracy F.

Like you, I never find anything good at Goodwill! But, it looks like you scored some lovely finds on your recent trip! I like Tina's idea of attaching plate and glass piece, to make a little cake stand. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.


Its great that you discovered some Found Treasures this time around... I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Thanks for stopping by my Post and I hope your Library does have a copy so you can see all of the Dream Home, I just selected images to share that I was particularly drawn to... but anyone who adores formal living will have a major swoonfest over the rest of her lovely Home... formal just isn't my thing but I still enjoyed the tour she took us on through her book.

Dawn... The Bohemian


Lovely, lovely treasures!


I love what you found at GW! The pink glass is really pretty athough I don't really know what it is either but I am sure you can use it to create a vignette. How sweet of your friend to give you the mother of pearl bird. It is so cute!...Christine

Dogmom Diva

Hi April...thanks for stopping by, always appreciate your visits!
I am not sure what that pink glass thingy is, but I love the idea of gluing a plate and using it as a cupcake pedestal..Maybe the saucer you just bought?
Have a great rest of the weekend!


Your birdie looks like it's made with lovely mother of pearl. Very pretty and a wonderful memory given to you.
Some people have all the luck when they shop the Goodwill and you certainly found some pretty treasures. Happy Pink Saturday, Char


I am a big thrift store/garage sale buyer too! You got some fun treasures here
Stopped by from Say Hi Sunday. Love you sight, have a great one!


You have found so many nice items, and I can see a little green in your hurricane glass..


These are awesome finds at a thrift store!

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