Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arctic Blast 2011

Oh man!!! It's cold here!! The weather report has been saying we were going to get really cold. I didn't believe it. I was wrong. No, we don't have snow. They are predicting it Friday and I am not holding my breath on it! But it has been colder than I ever remember it being! ;)
~Yesterday Papa Bear and I ran lots of errands before the weather got too cold. We stopped by our bead lady to drop off some pearls. I'm going back to see her tomorrow. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet! She has the best stories and you just lose track of time when sitting and talking with her.
Papa Bear and I also snuck away for a lunch date to our favorite Thai place near my former employer. I ordered my favorite...battered eggplant with tofu and steamed rice.
I swear it's so good I can really hurt myself on it. I savor each and every delicious bite!

Papa Bear started feeling sick last night and this morning woke up with fever and chills. He's still feeling under the weather so I cut classes short today. And THIS is what I woke up to and went to school in this morning.....
The wind chill was ..5.. I felt it in my bones I kid you not! There were so many empty parking places at school today. I found parking easily for once. Ha!
~I stopped by Mom on my way home from school to bring her some stew I made last night. She totally out did me with a lamb and sweet potato stew she made. My goodness!! Perfect for this cold weather.
~This afternoon Papa Bear, the girls and I bundled up and went to Nic's restaurant to have dinner. I saw my friend Mel from High School there. She just recently moved back here to take care of her parents. She was a very popular DJ in Chicago with her own morning show. But, family takes precedence and it was so nice to see her and have her back! And her fiance is so sweet. I am so happy for her. She truly has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. When they say "her smile lights up a room" I think they were describing Mel perfectly!
~And one last note in this long, wordy, all over the place post...Papa Bear bought the girls Cabella's Great Hunts 2011 yesterday. They are loving it! I have to admit, it is fun! more thing. I am itching for some easy to do crafts. I think a trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby is in order for tomorrow. I want to try my hand at something...something easy!



Sounds like a busy few days for you guys. Hope Hubby is feeling better. The groundhog didn't see his shadow so spring should be here soon. Have a great day.


I know what you mean about the cold. We are in North Texas and we've got horrible ice on the roads and are even having rolling blackouts to conserve energy. It's supposed to snow again tonight. Today is our 3rd snow day this week! Here's hoping you stay warm!!


It is FREEZING!!! As long as the power stays on though, we'll be fine. (yesterday my power was out from 8-1) Stay warm!!!

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