Friday, February 4, 2011

OMG!! We Got SNOW!! - 2011

This post have over 40 pics!! YES I am excited! We actually had snow!!! I can't believe it! I haven't seen snow since I was 7 in 1985!! And my girls have never ever seen snow. So this was BIG and exciting for us! Snow was predicted to start falling at 8pm Thursday night. The time was then pushed back to 11pm, then 3 am and finally 6 am. I had given up all hope of seeing anything but some ice. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 2 am to see white covering everything outside. I have never seen anything so peaceful and calm and beautiful. I ran back in and woke up the girls and Papa Bear. The girls and I bundled up and headed out......
These are the boards that were knocked down in a storm that happened almost a year ago. It's on my wonderful, pleasant neighbor's fence and he won't fix it. We have even offered to help pay for it. He just won't do it...said he doesn't have money. HOWEVER...he did find enough money to buy a 50-in flat screen. Where are his priorities?
This is my side walk. I was shocked to see so much snow covering it. It may sound silly, but we girls didn't really know how to walk in it!
Lena didn't waste any time getting in and playing in it!!
I love her face she's surveying the snow. And look at it falling!! I think that was the neatest thing, to see it fall down and pile up on my jacket!

Me and Lena in the the snow! I was fresh out of my pj's and Papa Bear's shirt?
The girls had a ball drawing hearts on everything...including my car!

Me and was soooo cold but we were having so much fun!!
Another heart on my trunk!
My windshield...

Lena was having so much fun scooping up big piles of snow and throwing it in the air.
Then Lena decided to add to the heart on my car....she loves hunting!

This is my backyard. I loved seeing Luigi's paw prints in the snow.

Glass table on the patio.
Luigi loved the snow. He was running around so fast in circles and then coming back and looking up at us like he was saying, "Did you see it? Did you see me running in it?" It was so sweet!
My rose bed received a good dusting too!
And now we are back in the front with warmer jackets on!! haha! We aren't used to this kind of cold!! It literally makes your bones hurt. My fingers even hurt! Here is CC standing in the middle of our street.
Me and CC....

This man hole looked so cool surrounded by snow.
Now I'm throwing snow at Lena's request. It was fun! I have to admit it!
My sweet Lena....

These pictures were taken between 2-3:30 a.m. I wished there would have been more light.
Me and CC and as you can see, CC had another jacket change. Bless her heart, it took her three changes to find the warmest coat. This is the first time she's ever worn this vintage Frost Bros coat out of the house.
Me and Lena...
Lena wrote "slow" on the speed bump....
Then she completed it with "down".
My sweet babies.

CC starting her writing. She saw someone outside smoking, so she quit on this one and finished it up by the gates.
Ok...this is Lena's other writing. The first word is in Russian and I am NOT translating it!! Ha! IF you know Russian then you know what she wrote. She believes since it's Russian it doesn't count!!
And here is what Sierra was attempting to write on the street. We are not sure who Katie and Meg are but apparently they love each other...4 eva!
Snow definitely brought out the inner child in us. And it was fun to let it out. We get so busy with every day things that sometime we forget to stop and enjoy doing something for ourselves. Playing in the snow with the girls made me realize I need to take more time to just relax and have fun with them. If something isn't cleaned perfectly or left out, maybe that's ok. We only have so long to build memories with them. Once that chance has passed no matter how hard you try you can't get it back. I want to make each moment count and make as many memories as we can. Lena told me this morning that she had the best time this morning playing in the snow. It's something we all will remember for a long time!!
~ Papa Bear didn't come out to see the snow. I woke him but he wanted to stay in and sleep. I guess he saw enough of the real stuff in Russia!! ha!
~Today my college was cancelled due to ice on the roads. Highways were closed until after lunch. We had a ....snow day!! I can't believe I'm actually writing that! So we cleaned. I baked Apple Praline Bread and made some fun crafts. There are more pictures to post of today but I am just too tired to do it!!



Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! Snow is so magical.:o)
The Tattered Tassel


I love snow when it's the soft, fluffy type. Looks like you all had a great time but I think I prefer how Papa Bear dealt with a snowy


We had a ball yesterday too! I have really enjoyed looking at every one's pics, esp. the adults resorting to acting like kids! :)


Awesome! I envy you ... what a fun time you all had. Nothing like bringing out the child-like joys when it snows.

Have a beautiful week, my friend ~
Hugs, Marydon



I'm sending you a Versatile Blogger award and I hope you accept it. It's on my next post.

Cathy Kennedy

Popped over from New Blessings Everyday. Congrats on receiving The Versatile Blogger Award Donnie passed to you!

Snow is fun, giddy stuff. Here in the TN Valley, we don't get as much as the Smoky Mountains to our south about 45-60 minutes. Growing up in southern WV we got our fair share of the white stuff. We're you're away from it for a long time, then you do miss it. I wouldn't want to live in a place where it snowed alot.

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