Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I stopped a robbery

This past weekend was one of the toughest weekends I've had...ever! The final blow happened very early Sunday morning. Papa Bear and I came home really late, about 4 in the morning. He went to bed but I couldn't sleep so I laid on Lena's bed reading blogs on my phone. I thought I heard a trunk slam but figured it was one of my neighbors. I wanted to get up and go grab coffee near 5 a.m. so I went to the car to get my glasses out of a bag in my trunk. I noticed all my clothes in the bag were scattered all around the trunk. My make up bag was opened and my school backpack was open as well. On my way out to the car I heard something in my neighbors garage and was thinking "Great! He's going to ask me where I'm going at this time of the night/morning." I assumed he was taking his dogs out to potty. But he never came out, I didn't hear the dogs and the noise stopped.
I started to walk back up to the house and clicked my car alarm. It beeped twice telling me a door was open. I figured Emil didn't close his passenger door all the way when he got out even though I was SURE I locked the car in the way inside. I went around to the passenger side to shut his door and this is what I saw.

Someone broke into my car. They went through everything! And threw papers everywhere. I freaked out and dialed 911. The time was 4:58 a.m. The police arrived about fifteen minutes later. CSI came around 7 and noticed that my neighbors garage was still open and several items were placed on the curb ready to be picked up! I heard the robbers in his garage! But it gets better!!! My neighbor has video cameras around her house so we pulled footage and this is what we saw...

This guy is on her driveway on the phone with someone and to the back left of him there is a silhouette of another person.

And this next photo was taken at the EXACT time I was walking to my car to get my glasses from my trunk.

He was standing by Janie's house looking straight at me walk to my car and then dial 911!!! He's wearing what looks like a Scream mask. I think they didn't take anything from Joe because I literally walked out in the middle of their robbery. They never expected that!
Today I'm taking these images to the police station. The thieves took my garage door opener so I suspect they will try to come back.
We lived in a good part of town in a gated neighborhood. We never expected something like this to happen!! It just goes to show you one can never be too sure. I was shaken up all Sunday and still feel nervous. I get butterflies in my stomach just to think what my car may look like when I go out in the morning.
So please, leave nothing in your car. Make sure you lock it well and park if possible in a well lit area or in your garage.

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Oh my Goodness April. You could have been hurt too. You need to be careful because I'm sure you left your door open when you went to the car too. I'm sure your neighbor appreciates the fact that you couldn't sleep. Thank God you all are okay.




Sandi (Meme)

How awful for you. It's hard to describe the feeling of knowing someone has gone through your things. You are lucky they didn't decide to attack you. Take care, and thank the good Lord that you are okay! Sandi


Oh my goodness..that is SO scary! Thank goodness you and everyone is alright. I sure hope they catch the people involved!


How frightening April! Put a pad lock on your garage door! I think it is horrible that this kind of stuff is happening more and more. I'm glad you are safe, but next time wait til the sun comes up before venturing outside! Marcia


Oh my gosh. Oh my Gosh. Oh my Gosh. I don't know what to say. I would have been terrified and thinking what if it was my daughter going out to the car to get something. Unbelievable. I had just stopped over to say thank you for your good advice, I am going to check it out, when I saw what happened to you. Makes not having a pretty blog background seem pretty inconsequential by comparison to what happened to you. Time for new locks and alarms. Stay safe.

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