Monday, February 28, 2011

Perfect Ending to the Weekend

Mom kept the girls for us Saturday so that I could study for my test and finish up the essay portion of my cytology course contents. Papa Bear and I wanted to go out for dinner Saturday night, but I had so much homework and he was playing an online tournament. So, we went out for breakfast before church Sunday morning. I feel guilty because we went to Le Madeleine. That is my and Lena's favorite place to go on a I owe her BIGTIME!!!

I had my favorite dish there, chicken friand! You have never tasted anything this delicious!
I also had a potato galette. I call it a potato cake, it reminded me of a latke. I really want to learn how to make those!!
I managed to sneak a photo of my Papa Bear while we were at the restaurant. I love this photo because of his hands. You would not even be able to wrap your mind around the beautiful things he has created with those hands. It really amazes me!
Oh boy, I pray he never sees this post!! I snuck another picture of him sketching out his new picture on the canvas. I told him he needs to finish my tulip picture first!!
I have almost all the laundry caught up. I made a good, quick dinner last night of sliced ham, mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans. I finished my course contents while he sketched and we listened to jazz music. That is the way!! It was so relaxing I didn't even stress out once. BUT our only jazz station is supposed to be changing into an R&B station, why mess with a good thing??
On another note, my roses are back in action. No blooms yet but we are well on our way. I gave them their first dose of Miracle Gro last night. They sure thanked me this morning!! My white rose has tons of red leaves!
I noticed my knock-out bush getting red leaves a couple of weeks ago. It has really exploded now! I couldn't be more excited!
My red cutter bush even has new little green sprouts!! So exciting!!
Last night Papa Bear's pomegranate tree only had one little branch with a few little leaves. This morning it has four!!!
My Peace Rose hasn't done much but it's alive. So I'm happy. It's full of green leaves but not much new red leaves. Oh well, I will keep working with it!
I wanted to do a quick post. I need to shower before I head out to school. I have my second Anatomy and Physiology test today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one goes better than the first!!
Happy Monday!!



You sure cram a lot of living into a short time. Glad you all had a great weekend and hope your tests go well.

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