Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Going Crazy!!

Ever since I started back to college to finish up the last three classes I need to enter nursing school, I have seriously had NO life. I completely failed my first A&P test but now know what he expects and how he formats his tests. Thats good. However, I also now know how very much I need to study. Even walking in the park makes me feel guilty for missing an hour or two of studying!!
So.... What had been going on since my last real post???

My sweet CC turned 15!! Oh my goodness, when did that happen?

I have to brag a bit and say she is so sweet and smart and respectful. She is really a beautiful, good girl! I couldn't be more proud of her!
I also let CC go to Barnes and Noble with her friend Miranda. This was a first for me, letting her go out with someone who's driving. It was hard and I wanted to call every few minutes but I restrained myself. And she had a great time! While she was gone, Lena and I baked chocolate chip cookies.

Papa Bear and CC went grocery shopping so I could stay home and study/clean. He walked in carrying these beautiful tulips for me.

For many years tulips were my absolute favorite flower. Lately though the rose has bumped them down to the number two position. I'm pretty sure it's because I can actually grow roses here and I cant get a tulip to live more than a couple of weeks. Oh well.
CC also taught Toby that he can eat her leftovers. I think it's gross and nasty and I fussed her about it... AFTER I took the picture for my blog. She still gives him pieces of food, just not directly from her plate!

And my tulips opened but are now shedding their petals. I'm very sad.

But on the upside I was pruning my rose bushes and saw new red trimmed leaves so I know they will be budding and blooming before you know it.
This past Saturday as I was studying (which is ALL I do lately) Toby made himself comfortable on my books.

I have some really cute photos of CC and Luigi sleeping on her bed. I went in to check on her and he was laying vertically with his head on the pillow like a person. However, those photos are on my camera and I haven't downloaded them yet. But when I was studying with Toby's help CC and Luigi were missing and I found them...on MY bed!

I was NOT thrilled to have him on my bed. But it was just that once and I don't plan on it happening again. At least when I'm home. Who knows what they do when I'm gone.
Well, it's back to studying for me. Right now it's two minutes until one a.m. And my A&P book is here opened, staring at me, taunting me to get back to work.

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Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife

Good luck with your classes! I have a finance degree but often (very often, lately!) I feel like I missed my calling to be a nurse. My mom teaches in a local nursing program and it's very tempting to go back to school to take a different path. I think it's great that you're doing so!

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! I totally get the feeling about her driving with another teen! Heck, I was freaking out yesterday letting my son play across the street with the neighborhood kids. I usually make him stay on our side of the street ;) I can't imagine how magnified these feelings will be in a few years!

Hope your stress stays at a minimum with school!


Happy Birthday to CC. My son, in nursing school, is so stressed with the amount of studying and clinical that I really feel for you. He has to watch the kids ages 10,7 and 4 too but they are really good.


Hi April

Just popping by to say hi. First, how awesome is it that you are back in school - I give you a lot of credit for doing it all my friend. A belated Happy b-day to CC - she and Lena are just darling. I'm with you about the cat, I drop tuna and chicken for Alley, but not at the table. I'm afraid she'll think she can get up there all the time.

Stay strong and don't forget to take time for yourself!



Ahhh, sweetie! You'll be fine with school ... congrats on your finishing up.

Did you save me any cc's ...I may just have to make another trip south sooner than I thought, chuckle!

Love the pictures of your gorgeous daughters ... Happy Birthday to sweet 15!

Have a beautiful day ~


Happy Birthday to CC. You have a beautiful family. As for the tulips, they naturally only bloom for a couple of weeks. To get longer blooming time, you have to plant early, mid, and late bloomers - that way you get tulips for several weeks - just an FYI - and I have found that you have to make sure you buy the "naturalizing" bulbs so they will continue to come back year after year - at least up here where winters are long and summers are short - your area may be different! Keep up the good work at school - you won't be sorry! Thanks for visiting - Dru

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