Friday, December 24, 2010

Leading Up To Christmas

Yesterday our friend Nic called and asked if we could watch his children while he worked for a few hours. His kids are so sweet and fun, we immediately said "Yes!"
Lena enjoys playing with his daughter Kamila and little Nic is too funny. I taught him to say "What's up baby?" That was the first thing he said when Nic came to pick them up. Little Nic is really too much!!
It was a nice break from all the rushed work of Christmas we have been doing these past few days! At least for the hour or so I was there I didn't have to worry about the stores calling for rush jobs.

These two ladies were already in McDonald's when we got there. Funny thing is, they dressed their children and even managed to put make up on themselves..but they forgot to get dressed themselves. I understand this is just McDonald's and this is the holiday's, really I do, but when did it become acceptable for adults to go out in public in pajamas? Seriously, what would their husbands think of them going out in public like this? I'm sure they wouldn't go anywhere with their husbands dressed in pj's! I know for certain my husband would not let me out of the house like this...ever!
Even if it's late at night and I'm driving through he tells me to put on decent clothes. I was just shocked. When my children were little I NEVER let them out of the house in night clothes. EVER!! My mother probably would have completely flipped out had I done that, not to mention my MIL and imagine what they would have done had I gone out in public in my night clothes!! Maybe times are changing, maybe I need to get an update. I don't know. Maybe it's not such a big deal... I just know even my girls are shocked to see teens in the stores in pj's. Oh well, my rant is over. Just know that in no time in the near (or far) future will you ever see me in my pj's out in public. It would probably just make you sick if you did!



Merry Christmas!!

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