Saturday, December 18, 2010

Easy Beef Fried Rice

Earlier this week I tried my hand at Beef Fried Rice. It was so good. My mother actually asked me if I had really made this or if it was left overs from a restaurant!
From everyone's feedback, I did a great job! And it didn't hurt that the recipe was super easy!

The recipe in my cookbook called for asparagus. Next time I will leave the asparagus out and sub in broccoli. The recipe also asked for coleslaw mix. My bag of coleslaw had no carrots, so I grated up some baby carrots and it worked just fine.

I used milanesa meat. It's very thinly sliced and doesn't have much fat. I'm sure you could sub in chicken, shrimp or even tofu if you wanted.
I was a little unsure about adding eggs. I know they are in my fried rice at restaurants but I just didn't know if it would work the same at home. It does...and the trick is using olive oil to cook them in.
Next I combined my meat strips, coleslaw and veggies. I added more olive oil and cooked until the meat was done.

I found a can of baby corn in my pantry, so I opened it up and threw them in too. I was looking for water chestnuts but didn't find any. Oh well, next time.
As a final step I added my two bags of instant rice and about 3 Tbsp. of soy sauce.

This was one of my favorite dishes ever! It was so good and so very easy! I can't wait to try some variations with it. And the best part....I think it was pretty healthy! I think next time I might even try instant brown rice. We'll see.
The weather here has been so crazy. The nights find us in the 30's but then daytime shoots up to the upper 70's. I just would like a few days of winter weather. This is NOT winter weather. Everyday I look at at the ten day forecast and everyday it's the same thing....sigh.
On a sad note, during one of our walks this week we saw a house in our neighborhood with all of their belongings on the curb...TVs, computer monitors, Christmas decorations, shelves, a picnic table, curtains, night name it. There was a big eviction notice on the door saying the bank had taken over the house and their belongings are at a near location. How sad...this broke my heart. I can't even imagine how scary this must be for that family. CC and Lena were walking Luigi and they saw the owner with his toddler son loading up their belongings from the curb into a truck. And they told me his next door neighbor took the picnic table and then told the poor man "Happy Holiday." I thought this was pretty inappropriate. This man is scraping his life from the curb of his former home and his old neighbor tells him "Happy Holiday!" I think something else could have been said. CC said the poor man just gave a half smile and looked down. You hear about these things on TV all the time...but when it hits someone in your own neighborhood I think it really makes you look at things differently. My heart went out to this family.



Your beef fried rice looks delicious - too bad I can't also smell it through the computer. I am so very sorry to hear about your neighbor, and the callousness of the other neighbor. Unfortunately, that seems to be a common occurrence with this economy. I will keep them in my prayers,


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