Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun Pictures From Last Week

This past week I haven't blogged much because most of our days have been spent at home doing homeschool and taking Luigi to the park to walk and play. Several times we have seen deer running through. Luigi will pick up a scent and then get real stiff and his ears go up and then he's ready to take off. (See anything in the bushes?)

We were walking the trails and Luigi picked up a scent and then we heard a branch break. Look closer....see anything yet?

About ten or so deer ran right through the woods in front of us.

When I saw this scene unfolding I just HAD to snap a picture. I took it with my cell phone so the picture is not real clear. Charlie (cat) tortures Luigi (dog) so bad..he scratches him, chases him, bites him, hisses at name it! Once Charlie hopped on Luigi's back like a bullrider and was scratching him and clawing him...all because Luigi walked past him! So, here Luigi was in CC's room and was wanting to come out and Charlie plopped himself down at the end of the hall and wouldn't let Luigi pass. Luigi was too scared to even try to go past until one of us scooted Charlie out of the way! haha!

Now that the holidays are here there are lots of fresh tree tents around. We love to go look around because it's usually so cool inside and the trees are so lush and beautiful! And the smell is just amazing!!

So we stopped by one day last week after picking up a few things at Target.
It was so pretty...and there. I honestly could have stayed a long, long time!
Did I mention how good it smelled in there? I had to get some pictures of the girls!

We've never bought a fresh tree. I think I would like to have one and only put some lights on it...just enjoy the natural simplicity of it. However, with me not working (and Papa Bear's bad/sad phone call) I don't want to ask him to buy me a tree that will cost at least $100 and I will only use it three more weeks. I just can't justify that. Plus, we bought a white artificial one two years ago and that baby is still packed in the garage...and honestly, this year it will probably stay there! Ha!!



I think a lot of people are modifying their holiday plans this year. Florida is colder than it ever was before, at this time of year, so that helps make it more seasonal feeling.
I finally found the deer but had to blow up the picture. That would have made a good Outdoor Wednesday entry. Have a great day.


I feel the same way about real trees! I love them....but never buy them:)
We have a vintage looking silver Christmas tree and I just light pine scented candles!
Happy Holidays~


Hi April

Seeing those deer must have been amazing. And I know what you mean about the smell of a real tree. I save $ every year so that we can have one. As a child we never did, so that's what I wanted when I got married.

Enjoy the season!

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