Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been One Of Those Days...

that I should have never gotten out of bed. Maybe I'm still tired from this weekend...maybe I'm getting sick. My chest has been hurting and I have been so tired I just don't know what to do. The other day I feel asleep in the car while Papa Bear was with one of his accounts and he called me THREE times before I woke up and picked him up.
Anyway, we had Kamila and Nicolai today while Nic and Gina worked. I took them to McDonald's (and almost fell asleep in the play area!) to play and eat. Papa Bear asked me to bring him some sandwiches and fries and a lotto ticket. I spent all the extra cash I had on cell phone charms from a Ukrainian missionary that was there and I forgot to pick up his food. I remembered when I walked in his office. I felt like crap, like the smallest, meanest, rudest most horrible wife ever. Here I was with all the kids and we had full tummies and my Papa Bear was working and hungry and it was all my fault...and I didn't even buy his lotto ticket. So, later I did a few errands at his store and lost time talking with one of the managers and made it late to the other store. Thankfully I had nasty, nasty rain to blame it on. I went to JCPenny to return Lena's dresses she didn't like and found that I had gift receipts (because I can't find the original reciept) for everything I bought that day....everything except the receipts for Lena's two dresses. Next up the grocery store... the one thing Papa Bear asked me to pick up was a can of garbanzo beans...and the one thing I forgot was ...you guessed it..garbanzo beans! Ugh!! I feel like the worst wife on the planet. I can't wait to just go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!



I think we all have 'those' kind of days from time to time! Here's to a better tomorrow! :-)


Here's hoping that you have a terrific day today!


Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife

Hugs to you!! We all have days like that and it definitely doesn't make you a bad wife! I hope today is much, much better for you. Sounds like you need a little R&R! I hope you get it :)

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