Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tanning, Poker and Grapes

Last Saturday my Papa Bear had the once in a lifetime opportunity of playing a home game of poker with two time WSOP bracelet winner Howard Lederer. He was so excited!!!
He woke me up when he came home and was bubbling over with excitement and stories.
I think it was one of the best nights of his life.
Sunday he and I went to go see Hangover was so funny!
I liked it much better than the second one....definitely less raunchy, which is probably why the reviews weren't as good....such a shame.
This was probably the funniest one. Emil laughed until he cried!
I love getting some color on my skin, but now with my neck and shoulder issues that's out of the picture as well....
A girl at work was passing around an Avon book and I found their self-tanners on sale.
I have never tried a self tanning lotion and the stories I've heard about them are just down right scary.
I thought I'd be brave and order Avon' Skin So Soft tanning lotion.
It promised results in four days.
This is before any application.
Scary huh?
After two applications.... 
And after four applications...
My skin had a healthy glow, no staining of the hands or clothes.
It dries quickly and smells nice and it moisturizes my skin.
I like it!
We've been hit with some crazy rain!
Lots of the city has been flooded and one highway shut down for a few days.
My grapes love it though... 
They're getting so big and heavy.
This rain has done them good.
It has even brought a little life back to my Peace Rose. I was so worried that I was going to lose it.
CC and I needed a little break and went for a drive...
She drove, I sat....evening driving isn't easy with my neck and shoulder some days.
We found this house and loved the way it looked all lit up at night. 
Lena's last day of school is tomorrow...then she's on to 7th grade...where does the time go?
Charlie has been an unimaginable cry baby and is rarely off my lap once I get home.
Work is work and my school it out too.


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