Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 2013 Birchbox Product Review

I was so excited to get my Birchbox this month. It's really like a box full of lots of
little presents just waiting for you!!
I have tried each product and LOVE them all.....
My absolute favorite is the Sumita eyeliner.
I have been wearing eyeliner for quiet some time and I have NEVER,
NEVER, EVER had an eyeliner like this.
It feels like velvet going on. It's a true, deep black and it stays on all day.
It gives you clean lines or can be smudged for a smoky look.
You can get it here now at Birchbox with free shipping!! 
My second favorite and also another product I will certainly be purchasing the full size of is this Marvis brand Italian toothpaste that cleans AND polishes. It is truly the best toothpaste I have ever
tried hands down. I love it. My whole family loves it.
Your mouth feels so clean and fresh and the freshness lasts.
I have seriously never tried a toothpaste like this.
I can't sing it's praises enough!
Get it here at Birchbox with free shipping. 
There was a small sample of Isaac Mizrahi's FABULOUS Eau de Parfum.
I really did enjoy it. The small sample had enough for two light uses.
It has a very fresh and sweet smell. Definitely a wonderful scent for spring and summer.
This perfume also has free shipping now on Birchbox. 
There was also a sample of COOLA Classic SPF30 Cucumber Moisturizer for the face.
I do not wear sunscreen everyday, like I should, but this moisturizing sunscreen felt so good going on and had such a fresh (cucumber) smell. It's made from 70% certified organic ingredients and it too has free shipping when purchased at 
I gave CC this Amika nourishing mask for the hair to try out.
She has much more and fuller hair than I do and I thought I'd get better feedback from her.
She really liked it and it left her hair feeling great and looking healthy.
Purchase it here on Birchbox. 
There was also a Pilot Acroball pen included. I really liked it.
I saw others complaining that they received a pen in their box this month, but I really like it.
It write so well and smooth. There was also a coupon for it. I plan to purchase some as soon as I can find it. I like pens...I believe you can never have enough. This is one pen I really do like! 
And last month they provided a couple of bags of Mighty Leaf tea.
I tried the Chamomile Citrus tea the other night...
it was THE BEST hot tea I have ever had.
The flavor and the aroma were just amazing and it came in such a cute little pouch! 
And if you haven't signed up for it here....try it for a month or so, see how you like it.
I bet you'll get hooked!
We had massive amounts of rain last night and today.
I love hearing the sound of rain and the way it smells.
I used to look forward to the rain coming.
My neck and shoulder have been hurting me something terrible and I told Emil the weather must be changing because it's hurting more than normal.
He thought I was crazy....and sure enough....we had flash flood and flood warnings through out the city.
My grapevine sure loved the rain.

I can't believe how fast and big it's getting!
Those grapes are going to be ripened so soon!
I have never seen my grapevine this luscious and productive! 
CC bathed the cats today.
I blogged...
and that's about it.
I'm trying to talk my girls into watching Silver Bullet on Netflix...
let's see if I get anywhere!


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