Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Were We Thinking ?

Yesterday we had to run an errand downtown. Lena's also been wanting to go downtown and walk the Riverwalk. In theory it was a good idea. In reality it was 104*degrees yesterday.

We still had a good time though...and possibly we had a little heat exhaustion too!
I loved these huge elephant ears. Mom always had elephant ears, and now I want some.

There wasn't alot of people out yesterday. Even the tourists must have stayed inside.

But the scenery along the Riverwalk is just beautiful...

I fell in love with this bridge...

And the small waterfall...

It was so hot we wished we could join this little ducky and cool off...

We ate at Mad Dogs again. I think that was the first time we all ordered water to drink. It was that hot! And I may have had a little extra help cooling off with a PiƱa Colada and Emil may have had some help with a margarita..or two!
After watching most of the soccer game, Portugal vs Spain, we mustered enough energy to walk back to the car.

I thought I was going to die. It was so darn hot. And I noticed last night I have a little sunburn on my face! No bueno!
Well it's back to work for me for two days, then I'm off again. This new schedule is really nice!
AND my new Keurig Vue is supposed to come today! I warned Emil and the girls not to open it if it does!
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