Sunday, June 24, 2012

New schedule...

Sunday started my new four day schedule at work. I'm off two days during the weekend and Saturday. It's kind of bittersweet.. This was my first choice schedule out of over 100 so that I could use those two week days to take Mom to M. D. Anderson for treatment. That didn't work out.
So Tuesday we had big plans to get up early, spend the day in Austin (we really should just move there! Nothing is holding me here anymore!) and have fun. Well everyone here slept in until after lunch, so I spent the quiet morning to myself.
I have always saved magazines after finding one or two recipes inside that I might want to try. So last Tuesday morning I grabbed a couple of piles of old magazines and started cutting.

I had bought some pocket folders at Wal-Mart a month or so ago to categorize the recipes. It's no surprise the "Dessert" folder has the most recipes!

My goal is to make each one of those recipes and write the date down on it that we make it. I think it'll be something fun we girls can do together.
Tuesday my new book also came in the mail. I had been wanting this book for so long, and I finally broke down and bought it.

Wednesday began with a doctors appointment for Emil. Then I had a doctors appointment. I'll find out my results Tuesday. I took the girls to the nursery so CC could buy the split-leaf .....ah, the name escaped me. It's a plant Mom always had and it died in the heat wave we had last summer.
I did see hydrangea there. I love hydrangea! We had bought Mom one for mothers day one year.

Thursday and Friday I was back at work. Friday was super stressful. I'm not sure what these drivers were doing but it was crazy! I had to take my girls out for yogurt when I got home.

Saturday we met Mariel and Marcy for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Then I let the girls buy what they wanted (for the most part) at Hot Topic. Then we went to Home Good and my girls picked two beautiful, so very sweet gifts for me.


Im thinking I want to put some hydrangea in that vase and I need to find a plate stand for my plate. I love my gifts so much. My girls know exactly what I like!
I've got to down a cup of coffee quickly now before heading out to a long and I'm sure crazy busy day at work. Two day. I'll only work two days. Then I'm off for two. I can do this! I think...
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