Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Girls Weekend....

started Thursday night....
Papa Bear is going out of town for five days (he left yesterday) but we decided to get a head start on our fun, mommy/daughters time. We rented "Super 8" from Redbox, went to have some frozen yogurt, then came home and watched our movie. 
We love the decor in's so cute and contemporary. Yo Fresh is our favorite place to go...and Lena bought a really cute painting. It would have been nice if I had taken a photo of that too! 

I don't remember much of what we did Friday night..isn't that sad? Yesterday after dropping Papa off at the airport I went to get my nails done. I had been wanting to do this for years... it's been five years since I had nails. BUT...Mom was a nail technician and hated when I went somewhere else for nails. When she was in the hospital before she passed I asked her if she would mind if I would get nails, she cut those eyes at me and pursed her lips and nodded her head "yes." Well, she won't see them now... and I hope she wouldn't mind if she

After doing my nails, coming home and changing clothes, the girls and I went to Grady's for some good BBQ! My Lena had Baby Back Ribs... 
 CC had the sliced turkey plate with spicy bbq sauce. I was surprised she actually found a sauce that even she couldn't handle!
 And of course I had my old favorite, Chicken Fried Steak.....
 And Lena and I shared a half order of fried mushrooms....I think CC even had one!
 We were talking about how nice it would be if after we had dinner we could go to Nanny's house and sit on her couch and talk to her. Mom's exit is only one down from Grady's. Little things like that are still hard. When we walked out CC told me that the second table from the door was where she and Nanny sat when they went there.

Mom would always complain she had bad nights or she was so tired because her Bella was so bad. I honestly thought she was just making things up. How could one cat disrupt that much sleep? Let me tell you...SHE CAN!! Bella is impossible to sleep with. She grumps and complains all night. The past two night Emil and I slept on the couch together because it's just easier than trying to sleep with her...on OUR bed! I love Bella... but she is difficult to live with. I guess Mom spoiled her and completely catered life to Bella's mood. Well, that ain't happening here....and we are paying the price for it!
 I woke up this morning and made a nice cup of coffee. It's been a while since I've been able to do that. And that is exactly what we plan to do today, rest, relax, go where we want to go, come home when we want to come home...throw schedules out the window!
 I even found some time to get on Pinterest.... which is really not a good idea for me. It is so addicting! I've removed the app from my phone a few times. But like any good junkie, within a couple of days I broke down and put it right back on!
Last night the girls and I walked around Wal-Mart until close to midnight. We are rebels, I don't know if I can handles this wild behavior!! haha! We ended up bringing home a braided hibiscus tree as tall as Lena for the front porch, a tomato plant, several pepper plants, an aloe and a pretty bromliad. As soon as these girls wake up we are going to visit a couple of nurseries. Then Gina invited us to lunch and swimming. Sounds good, especially with the temps in the upper 90's. So the question we clean or do we have fun? I'm thinking fun...I can always clean tomorrow!



Sounds like you are having lots of fun together, April. Beautiful cat.
Have a beautiful week ~

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