Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just the Three of Us...

Until tomorrow. Then my Papa comes home. We girls have been having fun just being together and doing a lot of nothing. This evening we made homemade pizza and CC made Mom's rolls. There was a recipe for them in her old cookbook. They were so good, made me a little sad but so very good.

Emil entered the WSOP tournament in Vegas this past weekend. Us girls were glued to the website on the home comp and on my phone watching the updates to see what was happening.

A total of 2799 people entered the tournament. Emil called me last night and told me he had been knocked out in 50th place. Not bad. Not bad at all. I was so very proud of my Papa. He comes home tomorrow. I can't wait. I've missed him alot. This is only the second time we've been apart like this. I really miss him.

Yesterday the girls and I drove up to Austin after work. I was shocked to see the temperature on the cars thermostat.

We had a windy spurt earlier so I went out to cut the back yard grass. It's definitely needed it. After looking at next weeks forecast I'm glad I did it today.

Then I scrolled down and saw the rest of the forecast...

Ugh... I'm really not ready for this!

And... I forgot to add, we saw this sexy thing when we were leaving Wal-Mart Sunday...

Half of her hair was teal and the other half was black. Interesting.

My new schedule starts this coming Sunday. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm gonna get back to watch "Bridesmaids" and trying to call my Papa. It's his last day in Vegas and he's not answering his phone. Hmmmm hope he's playing another tournament.
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