Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last week our friends in the congregation who also homeschool invited us to Incredible Pizza. We had the best time talking and laughing. The kids played games and enjoyed hanging out. Lena left with Cindy and Stevie, went to their house and had her first bass guitar lesson from Stevie's dad, Steven. The girls, Steve and Cindy went to the Witte Museum with another homeschooler and her children. Lena had a blast and made a new, close friend!! LOVE THAT!

And my baby turns 11 tomorrow!! I had to take my annual picture of her before she turns a year older!! I can't believe how time runs away from us. I still remember the sweet little things she would say or do that she now gets so upset when we mention it. She went from a super girly, everything pink, purple or sparkly, tons of lipgloss (or as she used to call is "lipstips"), she loved Crazy Town, her mimi and singing. Now she's older and her changes have also matured. Sparkly, glittery things have been replaced by more grown up styles. Her mimi is long gone in her closet somewhere. Crazy Town has been replaced by Zombieland and singing is now replaced with drawing and playing the guitar.

I love watching the fun, sweet, unbelieveably smart young lady she is becoming. She studies, often times without my pushing, helps me clean, takes care of her pets, draws some of the most beautiful images, always find fun, interesting types of music, has the absolute funniest comebacks and still has the sweetest hugs. I love my baby girl so much!!
On another note, when CC and I were driving home from lunch we saw this boy walking home I guess from school. I know "sagging" is supposedly what's in style. It's a style I don't understand. I think it's just ridiculous...it looks like you can't afford to buy clothes that fit and obviously must not have a mirror at home, other wise I can't see anyone WANTING to look like this boy. This boy had his pants so low under his bottom that he was having to HOLD THEM up with his hand mid-thigh to stop them from falling. Aside from what I assume to be EXTREMELY uncomfortable to walk in (what if he suddenly needed both hands to do something?) does he seriously think this looks cute? Can he (and all the other "saggers" not see how silly/gross/stupid this looks?

I was grading CC's homework yesterday morning. I was going her answers and loved these, I thought I'd share.
CC has been working hard to graduate early and has been looking into different schools and entrance tests. I loved this answer. The question states: "Type a sixth major decision teenagers face as they go through life."
Her reply..." should I try passing those pointless standardized tests to graduate." My thought...honey, you will see those tests are so NOT pointless. You won't get into any school without those tests and her preparation for those tests will determine where she is placed in college courses.

The question states: "Type a tenth major decision teenagers face as they go through life."

Her reply: "Figuring out who they are."

My thought... We go through life trying to figure that out. Each season of our life brings new things to the table that will make us question who we are, what we will stand for, what our limits will be and what we will except. I pray and hope she will get a core sense of this down early in life and stick to it so that she will always have a solid ground to stand strong on and not let anyone or anything allow that to waiver.

And this is my favorite reply of all. I think this concept will help her in life to decide who she is in reference to the above question.

The question states: "What knowledge has Dann gained from this decision?"

Her reply: "that nothing is free. if you want something you need to earn it and/or work for it."

My thought... that is EXACTLY the values I want my girls to grow up with. I want them to know that work is essential and necessary and that it is a part of who we are. I want my girls to be independent and not need to rely on anyone to provide them with the things they need. I want them to make their own paths in life and be happy with the choices they've made.

I would like to ask her these same questions in five years and see what her answers would be then, just to compare. I would have liked to ask myself these same questions at 15 and answer them at 20 and 30 and see how my thought process has grown over time.


On another note, I have an interview with a wonderful company tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to be optimistic but it's a company everyone wants to work with and I know they definitely have their choice of applicants. This will be my second interview in over a year. There's just nothing out there and competition is fierce. I guess we just have to wait and see!



Time flies too fast in many ways. It is so important to love and care for our little ones as they grown up too quick. I am with you, nothing disgusts me more than seeing these young people dressed or undressed like this.

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