Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freaky Friday...

Today started off much better than yesterday. I fell asleep at 11:30 last night and woke up at 8:30 this morning. I honestly can't remember the last time I fell asleep on the same day I woke up! I woke up feeling great and refreshed and made myself a nice, big cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee!!

Yesterday morning was a disaster in every since of the word. We girls woke up early to go out of town. I knew from the night before that my car said "Low Fuel" so the first thing I did was head straight to the gas station. The fog was so thick and dense you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you, so I was driving pretty slow. Lena was in the passenger seat with her head leaned against the window looking out. Then the car starts sputtering and finally dies. I ran out of gas. I knew I was close to the station so I was thinking I would get out and walk there. I called Mom and she advised against it, especially in the thick fog, so she came to find me.
She called me when she was close and told me she was at the gas station but didn't see me. I told her I hadn't passed the gas station, she must have passed me and not seen me in the fog. I told her to drive back. She drove back and was now at my neighborhood gates and she still didn't see me, so she was heading back towards the station. She said she was at the station and still not seeing me, maybe I was not on that street. I got out of the car to see the street sign, even thought I knew I didn't turn down any other street. I had only made it about ten feet from the car and the car was not visible to me. I could only see the flashers dimly blinking.
I was getting scared. Our phones started cutting in and out and hanging up on us. Our calls were not connecting. I was stranded out in the middle of who-knows-where, in this thick fog and my mom couldn't find me. I was starting to panic. It's been an hour that we were stuck on the side of the road.
We finally got connected and Mom said maybe I passed the station. I told her it was impossible, the station is huge and lit up and connected to a little strip mall. There was no way I passed it up but we both decided it was worth a try. She drove further north passed the station and there she found me. I was so thankful! The freaky thing is I know with 100% certainty I did not pass the station. I was going slow and looking constantly to my right for it. Lena had her head leaned against the passenger window looking out. There is no way both of us missed the station. How we ended up so far north, I have no idea. I've been driving to this station for over 7 years. I'm not crazy. And I know I didn't drive past Valero yesterday morning. The entire situation was just wierd and creepy.

We girls finally got where we were going and by this time we were starving. I promised Lena Le Madeleine. It's kinda our thing.
Lena and I ordered the Chicken Friand. CC ordered the small salad and veggie soup.

I literally had to BEG the girls to let me snap a couple of pictures of them.

See how CC is trying to hide her face? She said, "Mom, someone sees!"

On the way home we stopped at Tractor Supply to get the guinea pigs food and bedding. CC tried on some rubber boots... I told her I should have made her buy them AND wear them!

And I came home with a John Deere t-shirt, much to CC's dismay. I thought she was gonna have a fit when I wore it to the grocery store earlier today. Lena likes it and doesn't mind. I think it's cute and different.

Tonight CC made an amazing salad and then showed me how to make spring rolls. I think I'm hooked. I love them. They're fast and easy to make and oh, so good AND you don't feel horrible after eating them. I'm already thinking up new recipes to fill them with!


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