Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pinning, Sneaking and (Soon to be) Sweating...

It seems all I do lately is play catch up with my blog. I wish it was because I am doing so many fabulously, fun, exciting things and I just didn't have time to blog. The truth is I am just so busy with homeschooling, helping my Papa Bear, trying to stay on top of the laundry and all those exciting things a stay-at-home mom does!
Since we ARE in January, one would expect the weather to be at least chilly, if not cold. I should be wearing gloves and a scarf and some kind of jacket. Instead, the next week or so I will be wearing capri's and skirts and short sleeved shirts!

I snapped this cute picture of Toby sneaking a rest on the table. CC was at mom's for the night and Toby would NEVER try this if she were at home. I guess "While CC is away, Toby will play!"

I've been wanting to jazz up a few things in the house. Since I'm not working I don't feel it's right to ask Papa Bear to let me shop for new accessories for each room. Knowing him, he wouldn't object, but I just wouldn't feel right. One thing I have always wanted to do was make pillow covers for the couch...coverings that can be changed with the seasons. I was clicking around blogland and found this super cute tutorial. I really think I might give it a try!

I also found these cuties on Pintrest. I swear that website is sooo addicting!!

I have also been wanting to change up my mantle. It just feels like it's time to take it all down and make a fresh new start. I would have something like this..... Isn't it dreamy?

Then I wake up and realize CC and Papa Bear would NEVER allow it!! Ha! But I also found these mantles on Pintrest. I can see both of them working in our living room.

I love the simplicity of this mantle. I love the black and white and the mixture of shapes.

And I really like this mantle. I am thinking this is more what I am leaning towards when I do redo my mantle. It's simple, crisp and clean.

Now to catch up... last Thursday we went to George and Marie's house for a sushi night. Their son was leaving to college the next day and wanted some of my Papa Bear's sushi. We had a blast!! They are such sweet fun people to spend time with.

My job interview didn't pan out, however she said she was going to send my resume and info to a colleague who is hiring in a different department. I didn't hear anything from her for a week and got really disappointed. Then I received an email stating I would have a phone interview today. It went great. She said she wants to proceed with my application and they will be contacting me for a face-to-face interview either this week or next! YES!!! I have been trying to get into that company for years....seriously years! This is one company, they say, no one ever wants to leave. I've been reading the benefits and perks and I can definitely see why!

We went to Austin for a little shoe sale trip with Mom last Tuesday. We had so much fun laughing and being silly. Mom didn't make it home until almost midnight!!

And now I am so ready to turn in and call it a night (even though it's 1am)! I hardly ever get to bed the same day I wake up, isn't that sad?


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