Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Had R.A.I.N.!!!!

After a loooong dry spell, we finally received some much needed rain Tuesday. It started off nice and light......

then it turned dark and rained and rained....

and poured and poured.

It was so nice! It smelled so good. Our plants really enjoyed it!! The grass is greener. Unfortunately, so are the weeds!

Tuesday I treated us to cupcakes. I tried the Red Velvet... very, very good.

And I picked up Double Chocolate for my Papa. His birthday was Wednesday.

My nephew is here with us for a week. It's fun to have a boy in the house. I made Chicken Fried Steak last night with mashed potatoes and gravy and cream corn. It was soooo good!!!

Mom came over today and made Chicken and Dumplings. Ooooohhhh, delicious! It was supposed to be for dinner tonight but I think we all pretty much wiped it out!



I too love rains more because of the smell which comes from the wet mud . Nothing can beat that amazing feel which comes along with the rain! Wow things which you mentioned you and your mom cooked sounds really tempting !! Do you follow online recipes?
Are you Rain or Snow?
What best represents your personality?

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