Sunday, July 24, 2011

A First For Me.....

Today CC left to Belton with her friend Mariel to attend a convention on drawing near to God and preparing yourself to live in His kingdom. This was the first time CC has EVER gone out of town without me or my mom. I was soooo nervous!

But like Emil told me, "She's with Mariel (and five other ladies) going to a church convention, what's the worst they are going to do?" And he's right. I needed lots of prayer to stay calm.

We woke up early. I prepared her a lunch, drove through the bank to get her some money out, got her a breakfast taco and tea and dropped her off.

We texted most of her ride up there and talked through lunch. She even saw a couple of friends from when she went to public school.

I've been cleaning, getting ready for this evening and am going to take Lena to my Mom now.

This has been a truly great weekend!


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