Monday, July 18, 2011

Time is Flying....

I haven't had time to blog much lately. We haven't been doing much really, just staying so busy with everyday life. Sometimes it just seems so non-stop rushing! At the end of most days I just feel exhausted, like I seriously can't even take another step. I'm sure it doesn't help that my days usually end around 2a.m. and start around 8 a.m.

Anyway.... I have found something new to do that I really, really like.....


Papa Bear asked me to grill one night while he was driving home from Austin. I was nervous at first, but then took a quick liking to it! I really had fun!!! And it came out sooooo good!!

One night when I was driving home Scotty McCreedy's single came on the radio and I was so excited!! I was/am a HUGE fan of his from the beginning of American Idol. I voted for Scotty each and every week!!

One evening after Papa grilled fish Charlie hopped up in CC's seat. I think he smelled how great everything smelled and was ready to join in!

Charlie looks so over getting his picture taken. Toby just looks cute!

While I was walking the other morning I passed this house on our street. Emil saw the sheriff there foreclosing on the house. The house had been empty for some time but to see such personal things thrown on the drive way is just sad. There was stuffed animals, sheets, toys, a playpen, fragments of someones life. It really puts things in perspective and helps you to remember no matter how bad things may seem or how hard times may be there is always someone who is worse off and is struggling more.

We have been going to Austin...lots...but thankful to be able to go! CC loads up her movies.....

And Lena rocks out to her music! She reminds me so much of myself at that age. I loved rock music too and would put it on late at night real low so Mom wouldn't hear it. My favorite radio station was called K-Rok on an A.M. channel. Their motto was "If we're too loud, you're too old!" Ha!!! I guess I'm old now because I often have to tell Lena to either unplug or turn it down! (Lena I know you are going to kill me for posting this picture, especially after you warned me very sternly about not posting it. I just want to remember you in this moment like this, since so much of your time is spent just. like. this.)

I captured this pretty sky one evening while watering my roses and two crepe trees. It is just beautiful....

And tonight Papa Bear tried out a new recipe for some Red Snapper I bought. Oh! My! Word!! It was beyond delicious!!! The recipe can be found here.

And I also made the Cappicino Brownies from the mix I found at Target. Very, very good!!

We also received Lena's final report card today. She passed with straight A's for the year. Not bad considering she came into this school in the middle of the year and worked hard to make up for the work she missed!! I am so proud of her. I think a date to Le Madeleine and Barnes and Noble is in order..soon! I am so proud of you LenLen. I know some days it was overwhelming and frustrating but you did it!! I knew you could!! Now, finally, you can just take it easy the rest of the summer. You definitely deserve it!! I love you!


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