Monday, April 5, 2010

The Tin Shed

Mom took me to this cute little shop call The Tin Shed. Now if my memory serves me correctly, this used to be the TCI cable company. Could be wrong...but I don't think I am. Anyway, there were so many cute, cute things there!

As soon as you walk in you are surrounded by color everywhere!

They have the cutest wine glasses, picture frames and key chains. Every fun kind of gift you can imagine!

These wine bottle stoppers were so cute and only $12 each. They would make a perfect hostess gift.

I love these rustic frames. And look at that candle holder! I love it!

Candles on a rope...$8 each!

Travel bags in fun prints and colors.

And I live these adorable diaper bags. They would be a perfect gift for the expectant mother. They are so pretty and a departure from the typical bags you see around.

The one thing I went to the store to specifically purchase were these fragrant thingys. You could put them in your car. I have one at my desk and the whole side of the office smells like cotton candy. And of course.... I forgot to get pictures. But they smell so good and they are really cute and I'm sure I found my next giveaway item!

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Hello April. Thank you so much for my lovely prize. Absolutely love it all, but have to say that I am wearing the necklace tommorrow. I even had to iron a shirt tonight to make sure I would have the perfect match to wear. I have been going through your posts and have enjoyed meeting your lovely family. So nice to meet you so I made sure to become a follower. Thank you again. I'm off to make cupcakes, how did you know red velvet was my favorite? I will be posting all about you on Friday, so stop on by and see. Thanks.

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