Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 32nd B-day

Yesterday was my thirty-second birthday. I was a bit down...just for a second though. Yes, I'm getting older but I'm also appreciating the little things more. I know it what's inside that counts and I can really care less how it looks to others on the outside. I can honestly say I'm happy where I'm at and have all that I need. Of course there are things I want but I'm doing just fine with out them. (Like an extra day off during the work week or a knack for sewing or quilting.)
So yesterday as I was leaving work Mom called and told me I should come pick up my cake. Mom makes the MOST wonderful cakes.... She made my favorite, white cake with fresh raspberry filling and seven minute frosting! It us delicious! We each had a piece before I headed home with it!

I was so tired when I got home. Tuesdays are long days for me. (8 hrs) So I came home and napped and Papa Bear and the girls cleaned the front and back yard so pretty!
When they were finished he and the girls took showers and told us to all get ready, we were going out. He took us to...... Luciano's!
The meal was so delicious! Truly one of the best meals I have ever had. An Italian family owns it and it is one of a handful of Italian restaurants in South Texas that actually uses 100% authentic italian ingredients and recipes. The owner and his family were there occupying a large long table. (I wish I would have gotten a photo of the decor. It was so pretty!) Anyway it was so fun to hear them speaking Italian and laughing so heartily. They enjoyed their food and their wine.
So.... What did we have? For appetizers we had fresh mozzarella with basil and cherry tomatoes salad, fried calamari and zuchini sticks and fried raviolli. I didn't get pics because we ate it up so fast!
I had Cannolini with ground beef, sautted spinach, lots if different cheeses and Alfredo sauce. It was AMAZING!

Lena had a mediterranean
salad. She loved it!

CC had chicken alfredo and Papa Bear had this dish. I don't remember the name but it had red and green bell pepper, freshly made pasta, Italian sausage, and a wonderful tomatoe sauce!

We ordered two slices if tiramisu to spilt but they only had one left. Believe me, I wanted to take a picture but it was so good it was gone before I had a chance!

This was seriously THE best tiramisu I have EVER had! I then ordered a cappuccino and Papa Bear had a double shot of espresso.

All in all this was the BEST birthday I have ever had and a truly PERFECT evening!
Lena was kind enough to show me my favorite face she makes!

The girls had a great time!

And so did Papa Bear and I!

Now Emil and CC are driving home with my present. They picked it out together, with Lena's help and are now bringing it home. I can't wait to see what it is!!

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Happy Belated birthday!! Sounds like you were spoiled!!! I'm SURE that Momma deserved it!

Hope this year is a wonderful one for you!

(: Shelby

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