Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Night -> Ruined

My Papa Bear decided a while back that it's really important that we spend time together once in a while. So, last night my mom kept the girls so we could go on a date. Papa kept asking me where I would like to go and I kept telling him "Luciano's." but he really wanted this Mongolian restaurant Hu Hot. So we went to Hu Hot. There were four Indian men ahead of us in the line and we got to see all the spices and sauces they put in their bowls. Well, it looked like new cooks at the grill as well. They didn't chop the food as fast or clean as the others AND they didn't wipe off their spatula - thingy's between piled either. Papa Bears pile was right next to one if the Indian mans pile and I saw lots of their juices spilling over to Emils pile. We sat down and started eating and both of us noticed our food was super spicy and just didn't taste right. Papa Bear started sweating on top of his head and swelling under his eye. My
mouth and throat and stomach were in fire and his were too. After a few minutes Papa Bear said "We HAVE to go home.... I'm feeling so sick!" I drove us home and he ran to the restroom to up-chuck. His stomach was hurting so bad. He got really bad chills and now I have them too. I couldn't stop my body from shaking. This sucks! I don't think we will EVER eat Mongolian again!
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