Friday, April 9, 2010

My Garage Sale Quilt...

This past weekend we went to visit my sister in Shiner. Shiner is a pretty, little quaint town. My sister often goes to garage sales and comes home with some of the cutest things. I think my favorite "deal" she's come home with is the weathered tin tray above her stove with a floral motif painted in it. My goodness.... What I would do for that tray! And the best part.... It was in the "free" box!!!
So Saturday morning when they were going to a garage sale I thought I'd meet up with them there. The people had depression glass listed in the ad. So that was really what I was interested in. I didn't care much for her depression glass but what I did find made me oh, so happy!

My $5 quilt! I have been interested in quilting, or at least learning HOW to quilt for a very long time. And I've always admired my sisters quilts in that pretty cabinet she stores them in.

So when I saw this one and the lady told me only five dollars I knew I HAD to grab it!

She had another quilt but it was much newer and in perfect condition. I didn't want that.

I wanted a quilt that had bern loved. One that had stories to tell and a character to admire.

I look at the flaws as pieces that have been loved many times over. This one is all handmade. I wish I knew the story behind it.

I know nothing about this quilt expect that it is handmade and has a star pattern. All obvious things. BUT... I love it so much already!

I've found a few pieces of material that are my favorite already. I imagine they could be fragments of a favorite apron or shirt.

Lena told me I should make a quilt with their baby clothes. I told her I want to try it out with some old flannel shirts from Goodwill before I cut into their baby clothes!

I was scared Papa Bear would fuss that I brought home "more junk" but....

He loves it!

I'm watching another quilt in eBay. It ends in three days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one! If I do win it, expect to see many more photos of it on here!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We don't have much if anything planned... Just staying around home, cleaning, planting, relaxing. I love those kinds of weekend!

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April, Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday...I'm not a quilter, but I think your new/old quilt is called Lone Star...which would make it perfect for a Texas gal.What a great find!!! Check out the Paper Cowgirl's a great weekend retreat that you and your sister would love. Have a Pink Week...see you soon again


April, what a find you have there. I am always sad to see people not appreciate these old quilts (well quilts in general), I am so glad to see it has found a new home where it will be loved.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice words about my quilts.


I guess I am too early for Pink Saturday, but, nevertheless, --

Happy Pink Saturday!

Greetings from Munich,


Happy Pink Saturday to you!
It is a beautiful sunny Spring day
in Upstate, New York. I have enjoyed my visit to your
lovely blog - please have a wonderful new week.

Sweet Bee Cottage

Oh dear! It's been a long time since I've been by. I love that you love that quilt so much and so does your whole family. It is so sweet. I like wondering about where the scraps came from too. Such a good deal and something you will undoubtedly treasure for a long time.

Enchanted Rose Studio

Happy Pink Saturday, April! When I read $5.00 my jaw dropped! Even with the bit of damage that is an amazing price! It is a beautiful quilt, the colors are wonderful! What a fabulous find! Good luck with the ebay quilt!

Have a lovely "pink" weekend!



Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog the other day (4/11) and commenting on the pink buttercups - but I have to ask (along w/your girls) why'd your rub the buttercup on your nose? If I knew, I've forgotten and I'm curious now. Anyway - hope you enjoy your quilt. I'd love to quilt too - just have not started on anything remotely like a quilt! Yes, practice on Goodwill shirts before the baby clothes! :) Jenn



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