Sunday, January 3, 2010

Red Rooster Antiques (Part 3)

I am finally sitting down to wrap up my posts on my and CC's little day trip to New Braunfels to Red Rooster Antiques. Part 1 and Part 2 have alot more photos of the beautiful things inside the antique store... these photos are the cute things we saw walking around the town square.
Right across from Red Rooster was this house. It was all decked out in Christmas decor. There were life size carollers, a life size sleigh and horsey, lights and decoration everywhere. Click on any of the photos to enlarge.. you just can't see the detail when they pictures are small.

Can you imagine what the inside must look like? I was tempted to knock on the door and ask if I could see... I really was...but there was an iron gate and it was locked so for now I will just have to use my imagination! How long do you think it took to set this up?
So as we began to walk this was the view of the sidewalk and streets. I just love the leaves everywhere... it has such a "seasonal" feel to it... does that make any sense?
The marker said this was the first hotel in the town. It was old, looked like it has tons of history to tell, like something straight out of a movie set.... and I LOVED it!
And then we happened here... The New Braunfels RailRoad Museum.
I was thinking CC and I could get some neat photos of and on the railroad track. WRONG! What we got was quite the scare!
So we walk in and this older chubby man with glasses greets us and informs us that there is a two dollar donation recommended. He continuely told us until we actually took the money from our purse and put it in the box.
The museum was neat. The first room had old photos and a RR crossing sign, things like that. The entire back room was one HUGE model train set up with two trains.
And it was complete with TWO tunnels.
Mr. Chubby, the name I've given him, looked like some character out of a horror movie. You know, the psycho kind that lives with his mom and secretly kills people in the basement and buries them in the backyard....or stores them in the deep-freeze? You get my point. Chubby, soft hands, pens in the pocket, a Odd!
He just stood there while we were looking around the model looking at us. I tried my best to ignore him. I think I was probably talking kinda loud and fast, typical of nervous behaviour. It just kinda freaked us out.
He brought over some pamphlets about NB and good dining places and other museums. He also gave me a flyer about a model - train convention in San Antonio. It could have been fun...but if the other model train enthusiasts are anything like him.... I'll pass!
We never heard to bells on the front door when it opened. But I swear to you... we both heard Mr. Chubby tell someone "We have guests." Spoookkyy.....
We never heard another voice. We kept our backs to that front room and continued to look around the model trains. I think we were too scared to move. So we turn around and there is this tall old man leaning against the wall just staring and watching us! He had an old dingy long white/yellow beard. Shorts on and a sweater. And a black beanie. And he reeked of smoke.
We smiled and walked the heck out of that room. Mr. Chubby said "There's an engine and caboose in the back. Go on back and take a look. Just don't try to walk out of the caboose. Be sure you walk back through the front. There's no platform back there... you could fall."
As we were slowly and scarily walking back we could smell the cigarette smoke again. But sure enough.... there was the engine.
I told CC we will look at them in turns. But NO ONE goes in the caboose. It was actually pretty neat. And I would have liked to have been in a group of people so it wouldn't have been so scary. We were the only people there!
So I ran up took pictures of the engine and inside the caboose and ran down and then Sierra ran up and looked inside the caboose.
When we were leaving the tall really spooky man was walking back toward the caboose. I told Sierra in a stern, commanding voice..."It's time to go!"
It was so darn scary. And probably not the smartest thing for a mom and young teenager to do. Maybe we have just watched too many scary movies. But the whole feel of it was off...just not a good vibe. But we made it out and I wouldn't do it alone again. EVER!
We had a good day... just me and my CC! We were trying to find a good, small German bakery to grab some coffee and pastries at but nothing was open. So we ended up at Sonic...where else? Chili Cheese tator tots, vanilla Dr. Pepper (CC's) and a vanilla cherry Coke (me) and then we drove home. I loved spending time with her like and plan on making it a point to do it more often.


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