Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skateboards and Rockband

January 11th my baby turned 9! Her last year of being a single digit. I am so happy that in many ways Lena is still very child-like, but in many ways she is soooo beyond her years, a huge vocabulary, so technically savvy and she still has the sweetest little hands and hugs and kisses and snuggles... ok.. on with my post.
Lena has been wanting a skateboard. I always told her "no" because she is a girl and skateboarding is not really a girly thing to do. This is what my mom told me the one and only time I asked for one. I never asked again....I finally gave in and took Lena to get one. Ok, well I was guilted into it. The Sunday before Sierra wanted to go look at ONE model turned into four model homes and Lena was home that whole time...wondering where we were and it was her last day as an eight year old and I felt like the crappiest mother in the whole world!
So, I promised to take her to Academy and get her one...and a helmet too, of course. We learned from CC's accident. Lena LOVES it! She skates all the time. I try to take her out a few minutes each evening to let her practice. The second day she was already going by herself across the house. I am SO proud of her!
Lisa gave Lena a gift card to Game Stop for her b-day. Lena used her card and Emil put in the rest of the money and bought her (us) Rock Band. I didn't think I would get into it...but man, I am in love!
Sadly, in the process of getting Rock Band home my sunglasses got broken and the entire contents of my makeup bag were scattered on the floor of the back seat! Thanks PapaBear!
Emil and Lena both were so excited to come home and set it up!
The good thing about it is that the stipulation is that ALL homework and each girls chore list MUST be completed before turning the Wii on! On Friday their homework and chores were done by 9 a.m.! Imagine that!
I didn't get any pictures of us playing yet because, well, we have all been playing. Except for Emil. He's been out of commission today. Since the boys behaved so well at Serge's party last weekend, they made up for it last night, coming home at 4:30 a.m. and too drunk to talk! I am so happy that they ALL are suffering today... AND because I am such a nice wife, I made sure to have Rock Band just a little louder than usual! (That's for drinking too much, breaking my sunglasses, spilling my make-up bag and splattering Coke on my purse!)
Lena is amazing on the guitar, CC is awesome on vocals and I am just not getting into 80% on drums! The first day the girls played 12 hours straight. When I came home from work they were both so hungry because neither one wanted to get off to get something to eat!
I love that this is something fun we can all do together!
Now, a little gripe session.....
Last night my U-Verse receiver started resetting itself....and kept resetting itself...ALL DAY! I called AT&T and asked them to reset this, as that usually works. The operator... not so nice. She told me that she was just going to send a technician out. I explained to her I didn't want a techinician to come, I wanted her to reset it so that I can watch my television. She said I had already done all the trouble shooting that was possible and she was checking for the next available technician appointment. I had to chuckle to myself and calmly asked her, "Maim, are you not hearing what I say? I!" She said,"Ok, unplug.the.power.cord." (I did) She asked if the At&T logo was appearing, no it wasn't. Then.....SHE chuckled and said, "I guess we are going to need to send that technician out anyway. Is there some reason you don't want a techinician at your house?" reason. It's just this will be the THIRD time I have had to have a technician come to my house for U-Verse for one reason or another and I was going to lose all my DVR'd shows because she put in the order for him to just bring me a new box! URGH!
----> So, I have a new box---> but----> NO FREAKING DVR'd SHOWS! Thanks At&T!
Then.... my AT&T touch screen cell phone stopped responding to touch about a three weeks ago. You can see the dificulty in this because I can't get to the menu without....touching my screen! I kept begging Emil to go to AT&T to fix it, when I went they just told me it was water damage and there was nothing they could do to help. He wouldn't go....until today. WHY? Because last night HIS phone stopped working. The response from AT&T? Apparently now BOTH phones have water damage and we will.....have to just purchase new phones, at full retail price! How VERY convient for AT&T! I think NOT! I am currently on eBay looking for a new phone. The way I am feeling right now..... AT&T bites!
I am perplexed right now as well. Lisa and Jakob and Jenny came over last night. YAY! Allegra works! I had a lot of fun. And now they are wanting to come over again. And I don't mind, in fact I would LOVE to have them over, we go over to their house all the time and I love having people over and talking and laughing! BUT...... the girls don't want company. They keep whining that they want it just us.... they don't want to share me with anyone. I feel so bad! I haven't called Lisa back yet and I don't know what to tell her. I'm thinking maybe asking her if she wants to meet for coffee or something. We'll see I guess. How would you handle a situation like this? I don't know what to do. I don't want to upset my girls but I don't want to upset Lisa either and I would like to spend time some time chatting with her... any suggestions?



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