Sunday, January 31, 2010

I don't really have much to blog about. We have been soooo busy cleaning the garage. I mean we cleaned it up and down! Before you could not even walk through it, there was so much junk...just litteraly junk! There was a small space in the front for the trash can to fit and a small walkway about five or six inches wide to walk through to get the trash bag to the trash can. Emil and I started Wednesday night putting all the trash to the front and seperating the things we wanted to keep. I took Friday off so that we could finish. It's a good thing I did because we did not finish until 1:30 a.m. Friday morning! We were hauling trash off in the rain... I have had a sore throat since Monday. And now...after being wet, and all that dust... I feel like crap! So much congestion, sore throat, headache, body ache, chills come and go. Just not good at all...hence....why I forgot to take pictures. I could show you the after but it would mean nothing because you would have had to see the before to get the magnitude of what we did. Emil said it's impossible to do what we did.. and he doesn't even know how we did it. He's right. I don't know either!
It makes me think of this time a long time ago we were at my mother in law's house and their Russian friend was there. He always had this cocky attitude and I never liked him much anyway. That night he was on an "American's are so stupid" trip and one thing he said was "American's are so stupid that they are the only people to store trash in their garages and park their expensive cars on the street." While cleaning my garage I thought about what Vadim said and it kinda irked me that in my case, he was right. But not any longer!!! Hahahaha! Another thing I remember him saying that night was "Americans are so stupid they are the only people who will go to a drive through and order a double cheeseburger with bacon, large fries and a diet coke." I happen to like diet coke and I will pretty much order it with anything I get from a restaurant. After a few of these I got ticked off and went to the other room. He was my in-laws friend and I was in their house and I had to be nice. I wanted to tell him if we are so stupid why in the world are you here and most of all why in the world are you in OUR army, protecting this "stupid" country? UGH! I can't stand him!
I checked my camera for new pictures to share with you but found only these three. Imagine that...a whole week went by and I only took three photos. You KNOW I must have been sick!
Lisa had a hair appointment and brought Jakob over to play with the girls while she was there. Since Lisa is super allergic to cats I kept Charlie in my room so his hair wouldn't get on Jakob's clothes. I came in here to check on him and this is what I saw.
Honestly, have you EVER seen anything more beautiful? Such a sweet little angel!
Lena and Jakob played Rock Band almost the entire time. Then they took Luigi for a walk. I really wanted to take pictures because there were so many cute moments but I just didn't feel good enough. In fact, I felt so bad that I was able to come in my room and take a nap with Charlie..... while my two girls and Jakob played Rock Band....right outside my door. Now you know I had to feel really bad to sleep (soundly) through that!
I guess all that rockin' wore Lena out. I found her and Charlie knocked out on the couch later in the evening...... with the Wii remote still around her hand.
She slept for about an hour and a half. Luigi jumped on the back door and scared me. I jumped off the couch to see what it was, I thought he was in CC's room. When I jumped up, Lena jumped up and said, still sleepily, "I just can't do it anymore. I'm too tired." She was talking about the Wii. It was cute because I had already switched the TV back to cable and was watching Jurassic Park when she said that ..... I guess she thought she was still Wii-ing. Poor baby!
So while cleaning out my garage I found so many beautiful things that I had forgotten I owned. All of my beautiful tea sets, a gorgeous china set. (Emil told me to list it on ebay. I told him he was crazy!) A silver candleabra my sister gave us for our wedding. So many boxes of cut crystal ... some of the items I remember seeing was a cake server, numerous bowls, a complete punch bowl set with little cups and hook to hold the cups on the side of the bowl and it's ladle, a blue contemporary style crystal candy dish (huge, about nine inches in diameter), many serving dishes with the colonial people theme. It was just amazing. If he will ever buy me a china cabinet it will be completely full! I won't need to purchase one thing for it. For now all my pretties are stored in the attic. Here is a photo of some of my teasets... there are a few more in the garage stacked along the wall. I don't want those in the attic. I am too afraid of having something break when we take it down.
And there are more here in the hall too. This is only what I could get without waking everyone up taking more pictures.
I can't believe I am almost at my 100th post. I need to start looking for some good giveaway items! I know I have slacked off lately on my blogging and I really need to stop that. It just seems that lately I have been so busy.... there are days I don't get on the computer at all!
I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow....especially feeling like this. But I have enjoyed these three days off....even if I was sick. I love being with my girls. I'm taking them to Le Madeliene today. I promised them we would go Friday. We didn't..... then I promised them we would Saturday. We went but it was sooooo busy we could see people standing waiting for a seat inside. Not happening. So I told the girls we were going to Costco for cat food and litter and then we would eat hotdogs and pizza there. No complaints! However, last night Lena asked if we could go to Le Madeleine today, just me and her. I told her yes but we would have to bring CC too.... she asked if Nanny could go.... I said "of course." So maybe I will have pictures of that.
Tonight is the Grammies. There is supposed to be a 3-D special of Michael Jackson's music or something. The glasses are free at Target. I guess I will need to head over there and get us some. I don't usually watch the Grammies but I suppose tonight I will. Have you gotten you glasses? Are you planning on watching them tonight?


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