Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where Did February Go?????

Since I started blogging, I'm not sure how many years ago, I don't think I ever went an entire month with out posting. 
Now I would love to say it's because I have been so busy traveling and having fun and enjoying every minute of every day. 
I would love to say that. 
But that is just not true. 

The weather has been cold...and I mean cold for Texas. We actually had snow and my employer actually had to have us come in late due to the icy roads.
It was so beautiful. There is a neighborhood not far from my neighborhood that has beautiful large rock landscaping at the entrance. The fresh snow fall on those rocks was beautiful.
I had to say a prayer and thank God for that beauty that I honestly will probably not see again for many, many years. 
I loved when I put my wipers on the this snow just fluffed all over my front window. 
As much as I loved the snow and the cold weather and wearing my big ugly grey boots, this weather has just been horrible for my neck. I have never been in so much pain.
Almost every night I enjoy a cup of Might Leaf tea. 
My sweet CC turned 18 on Feb 10.
She told me that she's gonna miss me because Peter Pan was going to come for her before midnight on the ninth and take her to Neverland.  
So on Valentines day my baby purchased her first car.
She researched and studied and we are so happy with her choice. 

I never take pictures of myself, but I tried it out in my car before work. 
I found this on appropriate is it? 
The girls and I have been loving Charming Charlie. 
For President's Day they had a buy one clearance item and get one free.
Who could say no to that? 
Since CC has her own car now, she wanted to get a job. So, while she was interviewing at my friend Lisa's hotel, I was relaxing on one of their terraces. 
One day while Papa and I were driving country roads we ended up at this little country store. There was a police scanner scanning, a sign that Blue Bell ice cream is coming soon and a small table in the front of the store. There five elderly gentlemen sat, reading the newspaper, wearing worn trucker hats and discussed local news and gossip. I could have sat and watched the scene for hours.
Despite the colder weather, Lena and I ventured out to have some frozen yogurt. CC had a job at Sushi Express as a hostess/server/busgirl/restroom cleaner. That last one did it for her. So while she was texting me that she was told to clean the men's restroom, Lena convinced me to go get yogurt. I felt so guilty doing it..but I did....and they had a Help Wanted sign on their front door. 
I started an application for CC, she interviewed the next day and she loves it!  
I had a spinal injection on a Wednesday and CC drove me there and drove me home.
I was still pretty out of it due to the Propofol and had to capture the moment..haha!
In one of my Ipsy bag's I received a sample of Marula Oil. I thought it was just another oil claiming to be so good.
Oh my goodness....there are no words.
My skin turned around in about a week. It's smoother, less noticeable lines, even the one acne scar I had has almost disappeared. I am so in love with this product. 
I am not in love, however, with it's price.
Thankfully I worked things out and purchased a bottle.
My skin is thankful! 
While I was purchasing my Marula oil from Sephora I decided to try out a Sephora palette that was on sale.
I am pleased!
The pigmentation is's lasts through out the day.
I really like it. 
And I have been in search of matte colors. I am so sick of all this glittery, sparkly, shiny, metallic shadows. 
I just wanted a nice set of matte, neutral colors. 
and I got it...mostly. 
March is now here.
I am hopeful relief is in sight.
My neurosurgeon said surgery is the only thing that will help me with my neck/shoulder pain due to the herniated discs.
He's worried that it may have caused permanent damage already.
I sure hope not. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
The headaches are worsening. I had leaking spinal fluid last week.
I'm tired of this. I just want my life back. 
I am terrified of surgery. I have never had any surgery ever. Having the flu was the worst sickness I ever had. Now's scary. But I am just wanting and needing to be me again.


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