Friday, January 10, 2014

Pink Saturday at the McNay

I cannot remember the last time I participated in Beverly's Pink Saturday fun. Oh, how I've missed it.
This week we girls were able to visit the McNay Art Museum and see the Cuts Costume Collection before the exhibit leaves.
They had some of the most beautiful costumes from award winning movies. It's one thing to see them on screen, but to see them up close, to admire the's amazing!
This first dress was worn by Keira Knightley as Georgina in the Duchess of Devonshire.  This was one of the first dresses at the exhibit and certainly one of my favorites.
All I could think of was how hot that wig  must have been! 
The rosettes we so beautiful. The color combination was breathtaking. 

The costume designers paid attention to the smallest details...little green pom poms hanging from her sleeve. I don't know that I would have noticed that in the movie.
I loved this elegant dress. The bottom was made to almost look quilted but it was not a super heavy material. It was certainly sewed to appear that way.
This was Heath Ledger's Casanova Costume. Not really much pink but it was there in small amounts up close. 

This dress was worn by Renee Zellweger as Beatrix Potter in Mrs. Potter for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. 
The dress does have dusty pink undertones.
I was so impressed by the complexity of fold and use of lace.
I kept saying over and over, "What kind of mind must the artist have that created these designs?" 
I am such a sucker for lace, especially vintage lace.
This may be brand new lace, but it's been made to look very vintage and it is so beautiful.
Again, the small rosette on the face of the lace cuff....such amazing attention to detail. 
Now this dress....
this dress deserves a post of it's own.
I have never seen anything quite so beautiful.
It really almost took your breath away.
No words that I write or photos that I take will ever do it justice.
You simply must see this dress in person to appreciate the true beauty of it. 
This is Emmy Rossum's dress as worn in The Phantom of the Opera.
This two piece gown was worn by Christine at the Masquerade Ball.
The dress itself is such a soft, delicate blush of pink.
It reminded me of a young, fresh rose bud...that soft pink closest to the stem.
The skirt of the dress has tiny silver/iridescent sparkles
The top of the dress, again, has the most beautiful lace embedded with small, occasional rosettes. 
Then you walk around and see the back....
and you have to catch your breath.
I'm sure I heard several gasps.
Oh the back....
there are simply no words. 
I wish the flowers would have held up a little better. They really did have the appearance of fake flowers. Granted, the dress has probably been in storage for quite some time, but I just with the flowers would have held up a little more. 
Again, the attention to detail is just extraordinary.
It has really made me appreciate and look at costumes in movies a completely new way.
The craftsmanship goes far beyond mere talent. 
To create pieces like this you have to have a keen eye for detail, a limitless vision, a mind with the ability to transfer unseen images to paper and nimble fingers that put the designers vision into fruition.
This dress was one of my favorites. It was certainly my favorite dress of the movie. To see it in person was unreal.
I have so many more great pieces to show...but that will have to be for a later post.
If I tried to get them all on here this post would take hours!
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p.s. I love that Beverly also chose a costume from one of my most favorite shows ever, Downton Abbey.


The Victorian Girl

What a treat to see such beautiful costumes! It would take me hours to go through such an exhibit because I would have to examine every little detail. Please show more!


Beautiful display! I saw it when it came to my town and it was so wonderful! My sister and I spent a whole afternoon there :) Thankyou for sharing your lovely photos!

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