Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New

This year was almost as hard as last year. 
Last year I lost my mom to cancer. 
This year I lost my nephew to suicide and my 13 yr old cat, Charlie, died.
My CC experienced her first break up.
Emil's father died.
I took my family on vacation and ended up with a serious neck/shoulder injury that only gets worse each day and makes me a very not nice person. 
I live in pain each day. I cannot do anything that I used to do. 
My entire daily life...work, personal, private...all changed in an instant.
Some good things happened too.
I got a promotion at work.
I think I have learned how to be a grown up.
I've learned that while I will never get over Mom's death, I have learned how to live with it.
I'm 2 classes away from a degree. 
My Aggies won the Chick-Fil-A-Bowl!!!!

For this coming new year..in exactly 45 minutes, I want/hope for several things.
1.) I hope that I will learn to appreciate all that I have, big or small.
2.) I hope that I will learn to go with my gut instinct...it's usually right.
3.) This will probably be my last New Years Eve in this house...I hope next year will find me warm and happy.
4.) I hope I organize my time wisely and make the most of each minute.
5.) I hope I answer my phone more often and return calls more regularly.
6.) I hope CC finds who she is and what she's worth and never forgets it.
7.) I hope I help her.
8.) I hope Lena will take school a little more seriously.
9.) I hope Lena realizes how wonderfully amazing and unique she is and what a privilege it is to be her mother.
10.) I hope Emil finds a place of comfort, strength and permanence.
11.) I hope we find some activity we can do as a family that will work towards a healthier, happier us.
12.) I hope that no matter where we end up, we will form and maintain a strong bond.
13.) I hope we each one of us find something each day to smile about.
14.) I hope Johnny Manziel stays one more year at A&M...who am I kidding? I'm sure he and Mike Evans are gone!
15.) I hope to finally sew a skirt from the pattern I bought earlier this year.
16.) I hope CC makes wise financial decisions.
17.) I hope Lena will find a solid confidence that cannot be broken.
18.) I hope Emil and I have more date nights, even if it's just going to Barnes & Noble.
19.) I hope we continue our weekend drives to nearby towns.
20.) I hope we will all be happy and content all of 2014.


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