Sunday, December 29, 2013

November 2013

November was quite a busy month. For me it was crunch time at school. Finals were beginning in full force and I had to make one last ditch effort to pass my two classes.
One assignment that needed completing was a trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art.
I love going to the museum. Thanks to my Archaeology class and my awesome instructor Veronica Pue I see everything in a different light.

The first portion we visited was the Egyptian exhibit.
Loved seeing the jewelry that has been recovered. 
Of course I enjoyed the Italian exhibition and sculptures. I hope one day to visit the museums in Rome and take all that in! For now, though, I'll make do with the bits of Rome and Italy exhibited in America. 

Part of my assignment was the Mayan and Aztec artifacts.
Here is the codex. 

This lady, in part of the Mexico arts section, was sculpted of wood.
The detail was amazing. She is unknown. 
Even her eyelashes were made of hair. 
The girls especially loved the contemporary pieces. 
This 3-D piece was one of my favorites! 

This knife was made of gold and encrusted with diamonds. 
The craftsmanship was just amazing! 
I loved the ancient Chinese vases. 
It's amazing that they are still paired and in such perfect condition! 

November had some very, very cold days.
I have to admit, I loved it! 
And I loved getting to wear my warm snuggly boots!

I picked my Charlie up.
He sits on my nightstand by my bed. 
I spent my Thanksgiving on the couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I love the all male tap group. 
They were pretty awesome. 
I made my turkey casserole with the leftover turkey and stuffing. 

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to visit my brothers and sisters.
My brother Jr made deer chili.
Oh my was delicious! 

Luigi took advantage of the cold weather and spent alot of time on my bed! 
These two boys snuggled lots with me. 
Usually Micah plopped down first then Manziel followed. 
I decided to amp up my accessories and wear earrings again.
I'm not sure if chandelier earrings are in style or not, but I sure love my new purchases.
The girls and I went to see Thor, enjoyed Starbucks coffee, spent a little too much at Bath and Body Works and found a cute store, Charming Charlies. 
My word... I am obsessed! 
It's a really bad thing that we found it.

Work has been so busy. 
I may have even broken down and cried a time or two.
My neck/shoulder situation certainly helps none.
These past two months it has hurt more than ever. 
It seems nothing makes it stop.
I am getting really fed up with it!

I can't believe here it it...December 29...this year is almost over.
Time certainly did fly.
This has been one hard, stressful and sad year.
I really hope 2014 is much different!


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