Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 2013

December...oh December...
This month kicked my butt emotionally, physically, mentally.
I am soooo happy it's almost over!
I did get some snuggle time in with Bella this month. 
I can see a big difference in her. 
She's not as mean...and she's been using the litter box.
I'm sure she misses Mom as much as we all do!
I found this Essie polish. I hate paying full price for polishes since I still receive EXCELLENT discounts from the wholesaler Mom used to purchase from! 
The girls and I went for evening walks when the weather permitted it.
I won't walk in rainy or too cold weather.
We used to bundle up and enjoy walking in the cold, however, with my neck/shoulder situation that is no longer a possibility. 
My Influenster Jolly VoxBox came.
There were some pretty neat items in it. 
We have had some really cold, cold weather. One morning my front left door was even frozen shut. 
I finally used my Birchbox points and purchased our favorite hot tea from Mighty Leaf... Chamomile Citrus.  

If you haven't signed up for Birchbox, you can do it here
I look forward to my Birchbox each month. Lately they have been so good and there's almost always one product that I favorite! I even subscribed Emil the Man's Birchbox. He loves it!

It's hard to believe my baby will no longer be a baby. In 13 days she will be 13.
I can't handle it. I need time to 
Then just a few weeks later my CC will be 18. Time really does fly.
It's sad.

I was looking through old pics and found this of me and my sweet friend Ebony.
She moved to NY to be with family. I miss her and our conversations so much. She's one person I can truly tell everything to and not have to worry about being judged. 
She listens. And she loves. She's the best friend anyone could ask for. 
While cleaning I found a box of Mom's earrings that I forgot I had. 
It's always nice to find little surprises like that.
Ha...I just noticed my feet in this pic...
my feet in the last pair of shoes Mom gave me.
How appropriate! 
And of course I enjoy wearing her earrings. We certainly did have the same taste in earrings. 
The girls and I have also enjoyed taking silly photos. 
I really need them to stop growing up so fast.
I love that they still love to be with me and want to be with me.
I treasure every minute together with them. 

My Aggies are playing the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on New Years Eve.
I'm pretty sure this is Johnny Manziel's last college game. 
So my CC bought me a A&M cap to get game ready! 
Abdelkrim is here visiting us. It's our annual December tradition.
And what is a visit from Ab with out playing a little Monopoly.
He assured me that he would win this time. 
He didn't. 
I certainly enjoyed beating him. He wasn't a fan of losing though.
He's a world renowned scientist.
He's made amazing achievements in cancer research.
And he can't beat me at Monopoly.
In 28 years, he's only beaten me once...last year.


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