Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Convention, Promotion, Fall...August 2013

It's hard to believe August is gone and September is here.
I wish the weather would cooperate! It's still in the upper 90's!
We have had some amazing sunsets...

Fall is just around the corner!!! 
CC and I went to the store and when we came home Lena told us there was something wrong with Luigi's ear. Turns out he busted the blood vessels and cartilage and had an ear hematoma.
My poor baby had to have surgery and get plugs put in. They still haven't come out.
We're hoping next week he'll be plug-free! 
The girls and I went to a convention in Belton together.
We had such a great time! 
I was able to do something I NEVER have time to do at home....
sit and read.
It was sooooo relaxing and much needed! 
And what better way to break up the AM & PM sessions of the convention than with a Starbucks run. 
The girls had fun with my phone while I was away from the table..... 

Fall scents have finally hit the stores...
I couldn't be more happy...
but really, I need the weather to start cooperating.
I want to feel that chill not only in the early mornings, but in the evenings as well. 
I also received a promotion at work. I loved the position I just transferred into. It was super easy, not much work, perfect hours, almost zero stress....
why did I leave???
I know this promotion will get me where I want to go in the company.
I am ready to "serve my time".
Will it be easy? No.
Will it be stressful? Yes.
Will it be worth it? I sure hope so!! 
CC has taken some amazing shots of the moon the last few days of August.
It's especially fun to zoom in and see the craters. 
We've been taking some road trips to little towns around here.
It's so fun to do these things, spur of the moment with my family.
.........And ........
College Football is here...
I couldn't be more excited!
I spent this past Saturday glued to the TV watching my wonderful Aggies and Johnny Manziel...
Alabama and LSU!!
This is going to be a great season!


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