Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boerne and Kerrville

The weekend before my promotion we drove up to Boerne taking the country roads.
There is not much that I love more than driving country roads and admiring the country skies. 
We found a cute little bakery on Main Street that we stopped and had deserts and lemonade at.
Then we drove to Boerne State Park and enjoyed the river. 
It was so hot but we really had fun just sitting and watching the ducks and little turtles. 

This guy came right up to us, not the least bit scared.
He looked old and like he had an old injury. 
This past Labor Day we drove up to Kerrville, Johnny Manziel's hometown, to enjoy the scenery and have some good food. 
We found the perfect restaurant with a beautiful river view. 
The food was really delicious too! 

I love country skies and the sky on the drive home did not fail to disappoint. 

This was the view from our table.
I found this picture of Manziel and Jase and Willie from Duck Dynasty.
Perfect combination! 
While I was enjoying college football this past Saturday, so was my very own Manziel...



One of my very favorite places to go is to Hill Country. Enjoy all of it.

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