Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeling Alive Again

Ahh, today....
I thought this day would never come.
I''m finally feeling back to myself again, a bit slower but almost April!
The flu really sucks!!

So after washing two loads of clothes, sweeping the house, chatting with sweet Sister Lassen, 
marinating Cod, washing dishes and cleaning my room,
I thought a sit down to peruse blogs was definitely in order! 
The rain started last night and continued through the morning. 
I absolutely LOVE staying home when it rains. 
Everything feels fresh and new and clean.
I just laid in bed, after Lena's online conference with her teacher, and listened to the rain falling through the leaves of our tree, occasionally hitting the window.
It was relaxing and it was nice and I fell back asleep until 12:30.
I need to break that habit fast! I go back to work Thursday! 
One thing I did manage to find was a bra sale online for my size bras...
Now, when you are this top heavy finding a bra is hard enough,
finding a pretty one...impossible!
But I did both! So, naturally I ordered 4!!
I decided to throw out all my old patched up ones
(when you're buying this size they are also EXPENSIVE!!)
CC found a good use for my old bra...
booty pads for the bottom heavy challenged!!
Yes, my daughter has issues! 
Last night Alabama played Notre Dame.
So, to celebrate the occasion we made red velvet cake with chocolate chips! 
It must have worked.....
the Crimson Tide won 42-14 over the "Crying" Irish!!
It was a good game....
sadly now, no more college football until the fall.
Can summer just hurry up and speed by?
I still have a somethings I need to do:
*arrange my mom's vintage and costume earrings
*put up shelves in my bathroom for hair products, lotions, etc 
*hang hooks for my necklaces
*hang my windchimes
*start Zumba again
All in time, I guess, all in time!


Isabelle Thornton

I am glad you are feeling better and you got some good shopping too. Thanks for your visit. That's so sweet. Hugs

Simply Debbie

Hello April,
I am sooo very happy you are on your way up from this yucky flu.
Have you ever been fit for a bra....a friend of mine was and she was a 52 ggg....I didn't even know they had a g size. It was really quite interesting.
Thanks for stopping by to see me...
let's stay in touch

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