Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet Cece's!

I must say, this week has been somewhat stressful, but nothing unbearable. A highlight is how it was nicely topped off with a treat, frozen yogurt! Because we had to pick up a few things at H-E-B, it was convenient how Sweet Cece's was next door to it!

Inside was a cute tree filled with lights and flashy ornaments, we didn't get a picture of it.. But we snapped one of the conversation chair that sat in the middle of room. How cute is that?!

                                                   Now, onward to the yogurt! I loved the
                                            cute little area where the flavors where at, especially
                                                                 the "roof" on top!


                                                 This is all [actually most] of the toppings!
                                             Seeing it gave me great Joy, it reminded me of Willy Wonka.

                                                                       Our cups......

                                                                I thought this was too cute!
                                                           This was on the wall, wasn't close enough
                                                                 so I had to use the zoom.

                                         Overall, I'm happy with the experience I  had coming here.
                                                 The yogurt was great and it was adorable inside.
                                                    It's definitely worth another go! Loved it!


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