Monday, November 19, 2012

Colors, Coffee and an IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Two weeks ago on my days off, the girls and I went to the park.
To our surprise, the trees were trying to change a little color.
I loved seeing these Texas trees try so hard to produce
the rich colors that fall brings. 

It definitely made my heart smile.
The girls enjoyed the cooler weather too.
Even though we were in the beginning of November,
you will notice CC and I still have sandals on! 
I also managed to get a photo of Bella.
As big as she is, once she senses the camera she begins moving
and photographing her is nearly impossible.
But we got it this time.
I love this little brat so much.
She makes life hard, very hard in fact, but I love
her and I am so happy we have her! 
My red cutter rose also has been busy lately giving me some
beautiful blooms.  
With everything that has happened this year, I haven't had the
chance to photograph, or even care for, my roses the
way I would like to. 

The girls and I went out to this cute little area for Starbucks drinks
last Tuesday. I had to snap a picture of the
sky before we left.
It was so beautiful! 
My smart girls both ordered cold drink and their pretty little
hands were freezing! 
We did get a few pictures of us. 

It was bittersweet for us because this is the cute little shopping center
we would always go to with Mom once the weather got cooler.
We go get a holiday flavored Starbucks drink then walk over to
Bath and Body Works to get some good smelling sanitizers
and lotions. 
Not all of the trees were lit up and the area around the
little bridge was dark as well.
I told the girls this just means we will have to go back again! 
This week has been super busy.
Work has been non-stop.
I told my Papa Bear sometimes at the end of the day
my mouth is so tired of talking!
I love my job and I love helping people out,
but sometimes it feels like the words just all run together
and I'm not giving each member individualized treatment.

What I have learned from my job, and if anyone is reading this, I BEG you take it seriously....
I cannot tell you how many claims I have submitted where the member runs over
and object in the road or hits a deer or just plain, old has a wreck...
they are traveling (as so many will be doing now) and they have no rental reimbursement
on their policy.
I have to tell them all I can do is take the report, call a taxi for them and that is it.
Rental is only a few dollars a month, and the headache it will save you in the long run is well worth it!
don't travel with only $4.26 in your checking account and with no credit cards.
I don't care if it's a pre-paid card, if you are getting in a rental or have to rent a hotel...
I wish I was joking.
I'm not.
I've had a family of four, including an infant and a dog, driving in the middle of states,
located in the middle of nowhere, get in an accident.
They didn't have rental on their policy and only a few dollars in their accounts.
They were hours from home and hours from their destination.
I've had the state trooper yell at me that I should be giving them more coverage.
Please review your insurance policy and if you are traveling this holiday season,
please add collision coverage and rental reimbursement.
The fact is... you never know what may happen.
And just because you have 25 cars at home (yes, I've taken that call) and think you don't need
rental reimbursement, if you're in an accident and you are no where near home
or your destination, how much help are those other 24 cars going to be?
You can always remove the coverage after the holidays
but for now, make sure your insurance policy
gives you the best coverage you can get!


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