Monday, November 26, 2012

Cats, Turkey and Black Thursday

It seems like I'm getting about a post a week.
I guess that's better than nothing!
CC and I cleaned the front yard last week.
Manziel enjoyed playing outside with us....
you know, the cat that showed up at our house a few weeks ago and never left.
Little did he know just one short week later he would be crated up
and on his way to get neutered!
This boy is so wild that surgery didn't even stop him.
He was ready to play and run and be terrible just a short while after we got home.
And now he and Luigi are best friends....
after Luigi didn't know who he was and chased him up a tree! 
We have been enjoying making Caramel Apple Cider....
one of our favorite things to do when the weather turns colder! 
I love this time of year because they sell whole turkeys.
I love making turkey.
Emil's mom came from Dallas for a few days last week and I made a turkey for us.
I seasoned it up with rosemary, basil, tarragon and Herbs de Provence. 
Then I stuffed it with apples, onions and halved garlic cloves....
It was so moist and juicy and delicious!
It was perfect! 
CC made rolls from one of Mom's recipes. 
Emil's Mom, Karina, and her granddaughters. 
And I have been having lots of Cafe Lattes.... 
Thursday, Thanksgiving, Emil decided he wanted a pecan
the smart girl that I am, thought.... "I know Wal-Mart is open today....
Maybe I should just run by there....."
HUGE mistake!
Apparently Black Thursday was going on..
It was a riot.
I have never seen anything like it my life. 
I had to have a worker escort me through the bakery just to get a pecan pie...
there was a line there of people waiting to buy a TV.
That's the only word for it. 
Definitely something I will never forget....
or make the mistake of running to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving ever again! 
Friday CC had her first part in the service meeting.
She did so good. She is usually so shy, and I was worried,
but she was great! 
We all went to watch her as a family.
It was a night I will forever remember, having all of us there together,
watching CC do her part.
I wish Mom was there to see it too. Then it would have been perfect! 
I had a MAJOR scare.
My Charlie, my perfect, sweet, prince, baby boy Charlie, got sick.
Real sick.
He was laying in bed all Saturday, then by Saturday evening he wasn't able to even stand.
Each time he tried, his legs were shaking and he'd fall.
Somehow he made it to Lena's room Saturday night and he didn't move or potty afterwards.
All day Sunday I was so nervous at work and going back and forth on taking him to the emergency vet or waiting to see if our regular vet could see him Monday.
Our vet had an opening today, so I called in and switched my day off.
Yes, I swapped my only day off for the rest of the year to stay home with my sick cat.
We have what I feel is the best vet ever, Dr. McGhee.
We were lucky to get him. Days that he is there are usally so booked up.
Charlie has arthritis, lower back inflammation and an infection.
He was given two shots and sent home with two bottles of pills.
The medicine must have done it's magic because he walked out of his carrier when we got home.
He used the litter box and was jumping on the couch and even made his way up to snuggle
with me until I fell asleep.
I was terrified that something really dire was happening to him. 
I know he's 12 and things are going to start going downhill, but I am so in love with my little boy it broke my heart to see him in pain.
If you thought he was spoiled before...HA! You haven't seen anything yet!
On another note, no more college football until the bowl games.
What ever will I do with my Saturdays???
I guess homework...and housework... and studying....and cooking...
and all the things I seem to neglect when college football starts.
And Johnny "Football" Manziel...
too good for words....
too good!
I hope he gets the Heisman!


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