Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture Dump....

Why is it so hard to find time to blog?
After getting home from work, it's late...we eat, I try to spend
some time with Emil and the girls.
Before I know it, it's after midnight...
and I have to get to bed, only to wake up,
get Emil ready for work,
get myself ready for work...
and back to the office I go.
I need a vacation!
Micah's eye started looking watery...
then dripping and swollen....
So we took him to the vet....
Too much money and eye lubricant later he is all ok... 

 The girls and I went to Nightmare on Grayson for the last time ever.
They are closing their doors this year.
Our tradition is over. 
It was bittersweet. 
We tried to take in every moment of it.
We are still in our Aggie gear! 

Speaking of the Aggies,
we've been enjoying watching Manziel do his thing
along with Swope, Malena and Evans every Saturday.
Even Micah enjoyed watching the Aggies whoop
Mississippi State Bulldogs! 
Our next favorite.... Alabama's Crimson Tide
has been doing exceptionally well.
I admit, I might have shed a few tears with McCarron
when they made the winning touchdown against
LSU...or as Lena says...
CC even made a red velvet cake to cheer
on our teams!! 
Lena made me this super cute and fall perfect
background for work.
I love all beautiful creations she comes up with! 
It is November,
but Texas weather doesn't know it yet.
In fact, we're still wearing sandals and on most days
My roses are still blooming.
I did lose my white Kennedy rose this year.
I haven't decided what I putting in it's spot.
But my knockout, Peace and Cutter roses are doing great!! 
We've also enjoyed taking photos of the moon.
The moon is so beautiful this time of year. 
I finally found the man in the moon (not on this picture)
and Lena found a rabbit. 
And we've been taking nightly walks...
mostly to capture images of the moon!
But the weather has been cool enough at night
that you don't almost get a heat stroke being out in it! 

Yesterday I took the girls to the park.
I've had a few days off from work, so I've been catching up homework, housework
DVR'd shows and resting.
I also had a very important test done earlier this week.
We are hoping for a good outcome. I'll find out more in a week when the results roll in.
The girls and I stay up watching the election.
It was sooooo fun!
Nail biting at times.
Then we stayed up for Romney's speech.
I recorded our President's speech.
Couldn't stay up that late!!
HA! Now I KNOW I'm getting old.
There's been this cute, young, little orange and white kitty hanging around the house.
We tried to let him in because it was cold out and he was hungry,
but he was too aggressive w/ our other cats, so we put him back out
with an old dirty towel, bowl of water and food.
Now he hangs around all the time and we
have to dash in and out of the house.
I feel sorry for the little guy!


Sue McPeak

What a newsy-catch up post. Great photos of you and the girls...oh!! and the!!! Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal and commenting on my Apron post...we Texas Gals do love our Aprons!!!

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