Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pink Saturday - Blooms

We have had rain the past couple of days and my roses have really enjoyed it! I hadn't planned on linking up to Pink Saturday, but after seeing my blooms, I thought this might be the last time I can link my roses up this year!
My Peace Rose is my most favorite rose in my garden. When Papa Bear and CC went to pick out my roses, CC chose the Peace and I'm so glad she did!

I woke up yesterday morning to go take some pictures of my babies and didn't realize it was drizzling a bit. A little rain didn't stop me. I went straight out with my camera and I think the pictures came out beautiful!
My red cutter rose even gave me some blooms.....

I have some knockout blooms and I'm waiting on my white Kennedy roses to bloom.
Yesterday the girls took Charlie out side for fresh air and snapped some pics....

My most handsome, beautiful little boy......


CC and her "brother"

And my Lena...CC said it was a fight trying to get this picture of her. I guess I've taken too many pictures, Lena runs the opposite way when she sees my camera coming out!

This has been a perfect, lazy rainy day. We are still in pj's. We stayed up late last night watching Lifetime's Russian Dolls. I LOVE this show. I'm hoping they renew for a second season. It's just so funny to watch the Russians there having the same drama as the Russian's here. LOVE THIS SHOW!! If you're interested you can watch the whole first season here.
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April, I am so glad you still have some pretty roses to enjoy. Mine passed a long time ago from the heat. I loved meeting some of your family. The girls are so pretty and Charlie is not bad either. On Tuesday, I am doing my post on my gift. Thank you again.


Happy Pink Saturday...I am running late this week-end..but am trying to stop by as many pink friends as I can..I always get inspired by each blog....
God Bless You................

Gayle Page-Robak

Love, love your roses. Peace roses are a favorite of the delicate tones of the pinks with yellow. I am following your blog and have picked up your blog button. I invite you to join me as well and grab my blog button as well. Hugs, Gayle.

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*Drools* Lovely shots! Those roses beautifully bloomed, especially red cutter.

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Hartwood Roses

Anyone who posts roses on Pink Saturday INSTANTLY gets my attention! Your Peace is beautiful.

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