Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Fair & Shopping

Tuesday was the Book Fair for Lena's homeschool TXVA. I was supposed to be going to Chemistry class, but Lena was so excited and so looking forward to going I couldn't tell her no. I'm starting to see that things just aren't going to happen as we would like to plan them. Plans change. Chemistry was out--> Barnes and Noble was in. And we had a blast!

She received this cute little bracelet that says "TXVA ROCKS"

And what is a trip to Barnes and Noble without pumpkin spice frappaccinos?

She found a wonderful book, "The Book Thief" and a cute bookmark.

CC found a cute bookmark that suits her perfectly!

Wednesday I found out I bombed my Anatomy Lab Practical over the heart and veins. Thank goodness she is giving us lots of other quizzes to make up for the horrible grades!

Thursday the girls and I wanted to go to Austin, they have THE BEST cupcakes! On the way we encountered some really bad weather.....

THIS is what I was seeing out of the front window...there was hardly any visibility! It was so scary!!

We pulled over at a gas station and the girls saw I had green stuff all over my beige pants AND they had ripped.... perfect! So, we went across the street to the shopping center and found a JCPenny! They were having an 80% off sale. SCORE!! We walked out of there (in my new pants) with four pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, one shirt and a hoodie for $63!! I couldn't believe it!!

Last night Lena was playing around on her computer, don't know how she does it, but she made this for me as a background for my phone. It was so fun and neat to watch her put it all together.

I would be so lost and not even know where to start. She makes it look so simple!

We have been working on our flower bed turned weed bed. It's taken many hours of sweat and hard work but it's finally coming along and all we need to do now is plant the flowers! Thank goodness we are finally having decent temperatures. The next few days are in the upper 80's, lower 90's! So we plan to finish everything up soon. I hope last week was the last of the triple digit degrees we will see this year!

Oh, and a lovely blogger friend gave me some good pointers on redo-ing my fall mantle. Her advice was GREAT! I can't wait to post new pics!!



Well, it is apparent from those big smiles that fun was had! At least you got some much needed rain, altho I am not fond of having to drive in storms like this, either, April. Score is right at JCP. Will have to go check that out here.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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