Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nightmare On Grayson - New Traditions

Last night we started a new tradition.... We took Lena to Nightmare on Grayson. CC and I have been going to Grayson for seven years straight. We love, love, love it! Every year they change it up and add new stuff. This was the second year they had about half of the haunted house in 3-D.

We usually just go to Grayson, then once we make our way through it we grab a smoked turkey leg. We were too hungry to wait this time so we went to McDonald's to eat and kill some time.

Our stomachs had butterflies we were getting ourselves so scared up about going. Usually it never fails that Freddy chases CC and Michael Myers chases me....with his stupid knife! I may have took off running a few times leaving CC and her friends far, far behind me. Maybe.

We found parking, which is almost a miracle! and then made our way to the haunted house. We were in group 7 and they were still on group 2 so we walked around the Pearl Brewery to waste some more time.

And we girls decided to take some photos while we were there. I really, really like that shirt I'm wearing above but after seeing this picture and how extremely top-heavy it makes me I swear I will NEVER wear that shirt again! NEVER!!

We were so excited to see Brothers of the Flame performing. This was the first time in three years they were there. They are beyond amazing!!

CC's favorite performer is Rayne. She simply goes crazy over him. We managed to get a few pics with him. Here is he with Lena.

And CC and her Rayne....she was a very happy girl after this!

We had a blast. Lena did really well in the haunted house. I had warned her before we went that I was NOT turning back and she would HAVE to make it through. And she did....until we came to the killer clowns. She yelled and ran backwards then was blocking her way in the doorway and not letting me help her through that room. I had to literally pick her up and carry her through to the next room. It was so funny. I couldn't help but laugh. And when the clown saw how terrified she was he really went after her. In the end she said she loved it and it was awesome! I think CC and I now have a new Grayson partner. We are so happy to have her in on the tradition!

Friday during the day the girls and I went to Garden Ridge. That place is amazing!!! LOVE it! There are so many neat things there and they are so very, very cheap. It's over 3 acres of a Kirklands / Home Goods mixture literally at about half the price! There were vases there for $3.00!!! There was also a section of scrubs. I know where I'll be going when I graduate from nursing school!

One day last week I took a shower and then put my hair in braids because it's getting long and hard to sleep on. I woke up with an afro!

I did manage to tame it down enough for school. And let me tell you, it stayed curly, even after I showered!

Today none of us were feeling too good. Maybe we stayed up to late and were too excited about Grayson last night. The girls and I headed to Mom, brought her a Pumpkin Pie Shake from Sonic and watched a Criminal Minds and Bridesmaids with her. That movie is hilarious!!

Tomorrow starts another full week....and the last week of can October almost be over? Didn't it just start???


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